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Why did not the 2023 Ford Super Duty get the very best options of the F-150?


    As the present proprietor of a 2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost residing full-time off a 20-foot journey trailer, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of the 2023 Super Duty. The greatest motive I purchased the F-150 Powerboost was its skill to behave as a cell generator utilizing the Pro Power Onboard function to energy my complete camper.

    i used to be anticipating new ford super duty There will probably be Pro Power onboard as properly, and its larger towing and payload functionality would enable me to contemplate upgrading to a a lot bigger trailer with extra options. Unfortunately, I obtained solely half of what I wished.

    The 2023 Super Duty debuted with Pro Power onboard, however solely in its commonplace 2.0-kW capability. Two different capabilities are supplied on the smaller F-150: 2.4 kW and seven.2 kW. My F-150 PowerBoost There’s an upgraded 7.2-kW capability, which permits it to energy every thing in my rig directly, from shops to AC to microwaves to fridges. With solely 2.0 kW out there, the brand new Super Duty The greatest energy can be a microwave, except nothing else is on. It could have no hope of beginning the air conditioner.

    2.0 kW can “power a job site or tailgate party,” in accordance with Payab, This offers you two shops within the rear of the mattress, together with a number of 110-volt home-style shops within the cab. The My F-150 with 7.2 kW capability additionally has shops within the cab, in addition to 4 In mattress plus the all-important 240-volt 30-amp outlet that my camper plugs into. The 30-amp outlet is identical one you may plug a dryer or electrical automobile into, and it irritated me rather a lot as a result of it is lacking from the 2023 Super Duty.

    2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty
    2021 Ford F-150 PowerBoost ExteriorPro Power Onboard

    It’s dumb to me that Ford would not supply the brand new Super Duty with Pro Power onboard at 7.2kW. Technical challenges apart, this function on the F-150 PowerEnhance has been a breakout hit with nomads like me. Originally marketed because the final possibility for bringing transportable electrical energy to development websites, retirees and digital nomads found this different use and obtained away with it.

    Upgrading the F-150 Powerboost to 7.2 kW solely prices $750 – far lower than a equally succesful transportable generator or photo voltaic setup prices. Plus, we are able to use Pro Power onboard at campgrounds that do not enable turbines as a result of it is very quiet throughout operation.

    Adding 7.2 kW of Pro Power onboard the Super Duty may have made this HD truck the one possibility for these hauling giant tenting trailers. Ford may shut this market greater than ever; GM, to hit, ToyotaAnd Nissan There is nothing prefer it to supply.

    2021 Ford F-150 PowerBoost ExteriorBagging

    So what? Those aforementioned technical challenges are prone to be the offender. The principal distinction between the three capabilities of the Pro Power onboard is that the smallest capability is powered completely by a fuel engine on the F-150, and the 2 are supplied on the bigger capability F-150 PowerEnhance, which incorporates a hybrid electrical powertrain. Which comes naturally with a big lithium-ion battery pack. It’s that massive battery pack that enables for these massive energy capabilities.

    While the 2023 Super Duty noticed some new faces in its engine lineup, the PowerEnhance mannequin with a hybrid powertrain was not amongst them. However, Ford most likely anticipated the Pro Power onboard function, even at its lowest potential, would nonetheless be appreciated by Super Duty house owners, so it was included.

    That PR-quote is “I can’t say right now but there’s a sliver of hope here.”

    I requested Ford immediately why the bigger capacities did not embrace the Pro Power onboard, and Mike Levine, director of North America product communications, confirmed my suspicions that it could require a further battery pack. The excellent news is that once I requested if there may be a Super Duty PowerEnhance with larger battery packs sooner or later, I obtained the response, “We know how to do batteries and mobile generators.” I interpret that PR as “I can’t say right now but there’s a sliver of hope here.”

    Which engine can energy it? The F-150 Powerboost’s engine, a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6, most likely is not highly effective sufficient to be thought of for Super Duty… Diesel engines are additionally normally averted in hybrid purposes, so a 6.7-liter energy stroke diesel V8 is out. This leaves the Super Duty’s new 6.8-litre V8 or 7.3-litre V8 because the most probably candidates for hybridisation. Or a totally totally different engine that we do not learn about but.

    Ford Super Duty Gas Engine 7.3 & 6.8
    Ford Super Duty Gas Engine 7.3 & 6.8

    Of course, just like the F-150 PowerEnhance, a Hybrid Super Duty could have decrease towing and payload numbers than its gas- and diesel-powered counterparts because of the weight of its bigger battery pack. Even so, its numbers will most likely be a lot greater than the variety of the F-150 Powerboost.

    A hybrid Ford Super Duty PowerEnhance with a 7.2 kW cell generator capability for a camper is my dream tow car. I’m nonetheless upset that we did not get it. Until one other competitor captures this unbelievable trait and actually powers my complete life-style, I’m hanging on with one little hope of what is to come back sooner or later. Maybe if each proprietor of the F-150 Powerboost let Ford understand how we really feel within the feedback, he’ll be right here a lot sooner.

    2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost and 2022 Ember 170MRB

    Our present setup: 2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost and 2022 Ember 170MRB


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