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When are we getting one other shot?


US regulators final week suggested producers to replace the COVID-19 vaccine in time for the autumn booster program with a brand new formulation that may higher shield towards the extra infectious Omicron subvariants, which dominate coronavirus transmission within the United States.

“We have advised manufacturers to update their COVID-19 vaccines to develop modified vaccines that add an Omicron BA.4/5 spike protein component to the current vaccine composition … so that the modified vaccines could potentially be used.” as early as mid-2022,” said Dr. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. Peter Marx said last Thursday. The FDA has not advised manufacturers to replace the primary vaccine for people who have not yet received the COVID-19 vaccination.

The same day, the Biden administration announced that it has agreed to purchase 105 million doses of Pfizer/BioNtech’s COVID-19 vaccine for delivery later this year. “This might embody grownup Omron-optimized COVID-19 vaccines, topic to authorization,” Pfizer said in a statement.

While current vaccines have been providing strong protection against severe disease since they were introduced in late 2020, Omicron’s ba.4 and ba.5 subvariants are better able to ward off immunity from vaccines and past infections, Jane Christensen experiences.
BA.4/5 has been linked to rising instances within the United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany and France, And the rise in infections comes as a pre-print study – based on the health records of more than 5.6 million people treated Veterans Affairs Health System – found that catching COVID-19 repeatedly increases the likelihood that a person will develop new and sometimes permanent health problems after their infection.
As cases rise, some in the US are asking when the younger population will get another jab. Marks said last Tuesday that talks would take place to determine who needed another booster and what that booster would look like. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) only recommends Fourth dose to people over 50 years of age and immunocompromised people.

Meanwhile, vaccine makers Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax are already testing updated versions of their vaccines, including some bivalent vaccines that target omicron variants.

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Q: Can the COVID-19 vaccine be taken with other childhood vaccinations?

a: The CDC has said that the Kovid-19 vaccine can be given at the same time as other childhood vaccinations, According to CNN medical analyst Dr. Lena Wayne.

“A different injection site is used – for example, a COVID-19 shot in one leg and a second vaccine in the other leg,” she says, but she stresses the importance of children “with other immunizations with other infectious diseases.” To prevent” illness.”

If they’re not, she suggests checking in with your pediatrician to see if they’re also caused by other vaccines. As a mother of two children under the age of five, Wayne vaccinated her children as early as possible, and said the experience was similar to any vaccination appointment.

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studying of the week

People in Seoul, South Korea, watch a TV news report about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his country's COVID outbreak in May.

North Korea claims COVID outbreak is from ‘uncommon objects’ close to South Korean border

As with previous outbreaks of the disease in North Korea, one of the biggest concerns surrounding the country’s COVID outbreak is that Pyongyang’s penchant for secrecy makes it difficult to accurately predict its severity, Paula Hancock and Eunjung SEO Report.

International NGOs and most foreign embassies have long evacuated the country and tightly sealed borders, meaning access is impossible.

The poor nation publicly acknowledged that the virus had breached its borders for the first time in May. At the time, its leader, Kim Jong Un, described the outbreak as the “biggest upheaval” the country had ever seen. After two months and millions of suspected cases, he claimed a “dazzling success” in stopping the illness in its tracks.

Last week, North Korean officers blamed the outbreak on “uncommon gadgets” some residents had come into contact with near the South Korean border, according to state media outlet KCNA. South Korean government Citing local and international health experts at low risk of contracting people from contact with contaminated surfaces or objects, leaflets from the South ruled out the possibility of the spread of COVID-19.

Fauci says his Covid made a comeback after PaxLovid

President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, recently revealed that he is experiencing a re-emergence of his COVID-19 infection after taking the antiviral drug Paxlovid. So far, cases of Paxlovid rebound have been limited to small studies and experiences shared on social media.

Fauci described the “fascinating course” of his own infection during an appearance at Foreign Policy’s Global Health Forum last week, saying he tested positive with “only a few signs”. When they grew, judging by his age, he “went on Pakslovid for 5 days.” Fauci, 81, credits the drug for keeping him out of the hospital, Brenda Goodman and Virginia Langmid report.

After five days on the drug, he tested negative. He tested negative for three consecutive days. He tested positive again on the fourth day — only, this time, his symptoms were worse, experiencing what people call a “PaxLovid rebound,” Fauci said.

Pfizer – the company that makes Paxlovid – has said that its studies show that rebounds are rare and happen to both people who took the drug and those who took the placebo pill. Because of this variation, the company does not believe that Rebound is drug-associated.

A 14-year-old tiger infected with Kovid died at a zoo in Ohio

Officials said last week that a tiger at the Ohio Zoo died of health complications from Covid-19.

Jupiter, a 14-year-old Amur tiger, died on June 26 after pneumonia Because of the virus, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium said in a statement. The zoo said that Jupiter was undergoing long-term treatment for chronic underlying diseases, which made him more vulnerable to Covid.

Earlier this year, an 11-year-old snow leopard died after contracting the virus at the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Illinois. Zoo officials said that the leopard, Rilu, also contracted pneumonia before death.

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Vitamin D is not a cure

if you’re sure believe that vitamin D There is a COVID-19 miracle cure, think again. Taking too much can lead to an overdose due to a toxic buildup of calcium in the blood, which can lead to confusion, disorientation, and problems with heart rhythm, and other problems.

Last week, the journal BMJ Case Reports published a paper about a British man who was hospitalized after a vitamin D overdose.

he began to take more than the man 20 Over-the-Counter Supplements Every Dayincluding 50,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D three times a day after visiting a private nutritionist. Dr. Alamin Alkundi, a co-author of the report and endocrinologist at William Harvey Hospital, said the dosage in the UK is “375 instances the really helpful dose”. Within a month, the man started experiencing nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and repeated vomiting as well as leg cramps and ringing in the ears.

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