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What ought to individuals learn about Paxlovid rebound? Our medical analyst explains


This phenomenon is named the Paxlovid rebound. What precisely is that this, and why does it occur? How frequent is it, and does the potential for recurrence of signs imply that individuals mustn’t take it? Who ought to take the drugs and who mustn’t take it? And what do you have to do you probably have a recurrence?

To information us by way of all of those points, I requested CNN medical analyst Dr. Lena Wayne, an emergency doctor and professor of well being coverage and administration on the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health. She can be the creator of “.Lifelines: A Doctor’s Journey in the Fight for Public Health,

Dr. Lena Wayne: The phenomenon known as Paxlovid rebound occurs when someone with Covid-19 takes the Paxlovid antiviral pill and begins to recover – their symptoms improve, and they begin to test negative. Then, usually within two weeks of their initial diagnosis, their symptoms recur, and they test positive for the coronavirus again. In President Joe Biden’s case, he was being tested regularly, so even if his symptoms did not recur, his positive test was picked up immediately.

The anti-viral drug Paxlovid is given for five days to reduce severe illness in someone with Covid-19.
It is just not recognized precisely why that is occurring. a small study out of the University of California, San Diego found that this is not due to PaxLovid being ineffective against variants. The very short window of time when this happens even suggests that it is not due to re-infection. Rather, a lot of scientists, including me, think it’s most likely due to PaxLovid working, but not for long.

Paxlovid works by stopping the viral replication. At present it is given for five days. Maybe it works for a period of five days, but some people still have the virus in their bodies after five days. When Paxlovid is stopped, the virus starts replicating again.

It is possible that Paxlovid may need to be given for a longer time – perhaps seven or 10 days instead of five days. Those studies are ongoing.

CNN: It looks like a lot of people, including President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci, have a PaxLovid rebound. How common is this?

Wayne: Anecdotally, we may know many people who have had it, but studies show that it is very uncommon.

preliminary study It was found that relapse occurred in about 2% of the cases. By the way, those who did not take Paxlovid were also prone to recurrences. In that study, there was a recurrence of symptoms in the placebo group in 1.5% of cases.
Those studies were done at a time when the delta version was the dominant version. The rate of rebound can be high during omicron. a big study A rebound rate of about 6% was found in more than 13,000 patients performed by researchers at the National Institutes of Health. Note that this study is online but has not yet been peer-reviewed.

Of course, the actual rate may be higher, as people are not being tested regularly after taking Paxlovid. As a result some cases may be left out. However, it still seems that the Paxlovid rebound is happening in a minority, not a majority of cases.

CNN: Does the potential for recurrence of symptoms mean people shouldn’t take it?

The Curious Case of the Covid-19 Rebound

Wayne: No. I feel individuals ought to take into account the potential of rebound paxlovid as a recognized facet impact of the drug. Given the inconvenience of getting signs over and over, it’s actually not most well-liked. However, the potential of this facet impact is just not a cause to keep away from a drug that’s extremely efficient in decreasing extreme illness.

It comes down to why Paxlovid is given in the first place. It is an oral medication, which is prescribed so that people can take it at home, to reduce the chances of being hospitalized or dying. about 90%, Neither Fauci nor Biden became seriously ill. That’s the success story here – and it’s why those eligible for Paxlovid should still take it, despite the potential for a rebound.

CNN: Who is eligible for PaxLovid? Are there people who shouldn’t take it?

Wayne: People eligible for Paxlovid are individuals who are vulnerable to serious consequences if they contract Covid-19. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention a list of these conditions, These include aging and chronic underlying medical problems such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and obesity. People who live without vaccination are also at higher risk of severe COVID-19.
Fauci says his Covid made a comeback after PaxLovid
there are certain medical conditions People may have to either wean them off taking paxlovid, or they will need to take a different dose. Some medicines also interfere with paxlovid and may need to be discontinued for a short time. That’s why it’s important to check with your doctor. I encourage you to check with your health care provider, even if you have not contracted COVID-19, to find out if you are eligible for PaxLovid.

As far as people who should not take it, Paxlovid is intended for individuals at high risk for serious illness. If you are under 50 years old, up to date with vaccines and generally healthy, you should not take it. Every drug is about weighing the risks and benefits. If you are unlikely to benefit, the risks will outweigh the benefits.

CNN: What should you do if you have a recurrence – do you take paxlovid again, and do you need to be isolated?

Coronavirus may be contagious during Paxlovid rebound, researchers warn
Wayne: Paxlovid rebound is very unlikely to progress to serious disease, because A recent CDC report found it. It is not currently recommended to take Paxlovid for rebound cases, although this is a recommendation that may change as more studies are underway. (Fauci’s doctors prescribed Another Paxlovid course,
CDC says people with rebound an infection must be separated for another five days, This is because a person who tests positive again by rapid home antigen test is shedding the virus and may still contagious to others,

Taking precautions is the best strategy, however I wish to emphasize once more that the prospect of a relapse does not deter individuals from looking for the sort of remedy it is doing, which retains individuals out of hospital and making them significantly sick. To save from.


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