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What can we study from Ben Affleck’s feedback about his marriage and dependancy?


Psychologist John F., professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Recovery Research Institute. Kelly stated there’s a “chicken and egg” connection to marital issues and dependancy. The blame taken from the story of Affleck and Garner is to not be blamed, Kelly stated, however moderately the significance of coping methods in avoiding addictive behaviors and sustaining wholesome relationships.

Affleck spoke to Howard Stern this week about how his marriage to Jennifer Garner contributed to his alcoholism, including that in the event that they hadn’t cut up in 2015, “I probably would have still been drinking.”

“It’s part of why I started drinking,” Affleck advised Stern. “Because I was trapped.”

As his remarks went viral, some noticed Affleck as blaming Garner for his dependancy.

“It’s not true. I don’t believe in that. It’s the exact opposite of who I am and what I believe,” Affleck said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” In response on Wednesday, he stated he liked and revered Garner.

Addiction and relationships are tough, sophisticated subjects, Kelly stated, however there are issues that addicts and people round them can study from battle.


Kelly stated that Garner, or folks in her state of affairs, could have heard phrases like “trapped” and felt that they had been being blamed for taking part in a component within the creation of the dependancy, however not at faulting family members for the addictive habits. Yes, Kelly stated.

“He shouldn’t blame himself,” he stated. “The responsibility will rest with the person who is using an ineffective coping strategy.”

Kelly stated there are a lot of elements that go into an individual creating an dependancy, together with genetic predisposition. He provides that even repeated heavy use over time can result in dependancy.

Heavy use could end result from the absence of efficient coping mechanisms, a sample that will have established lengthy earlier than an addict enters a relationship, he stated.

Blaming is not useful when speaking about relationship struggles and addictions, Kelly stated.

“The point is to try to resolve conflicts that inevitably occur in relationships through honest and respectful communication, and alcohol use is an ineffective way of coping,” he stated.

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In the quick time period, alcohol can really feel like a really efficient approach to cope, Kelly stated. It can dissolve disagreeable emotions in a fast, dependable method.

“Unfortunately, in the long term, it can lead to all kinds of other problems,” he stated.

To some extent, everybody struggles with communication and interpersonal relationships, and many individuals search for methods to keep away from coping when issues get robust, Kelly stated.

Ben Affleck is grateful for second chances, including Jennifer Lopez

“If you add alcohol to the mix, it only makes things worse,” Kelly stated. “People often use alcohol as a primary coping strategy because they don’t have the tools to be able to communicate effectively.”

When issues come up in relationships that we care about, we could keep away from elevating issues or hope that they’ll go away when we’re not ready to take care of them.

Problems get sophisticated when utilizing Kelly stated that consuming to keep away from relationship battle worsens that battle, which makes it a much bigger challenge for the drinker to keep away from consuming, and the cycle continues.

“We all have conflicts in relationships,” he stated. “The question is: how do we deal with them?”

Kelly stated that utilizing substances to keep away from or address the state of affairs might ultimately result in much more issues.


We cannot know the small print of Affleck and Garner’s state of affairs particularly, Kelly stated, however many individuals with alcohol use problems who’re experiencing relationship difficulties discover they did not have direct communication abilities. , which they wanted. But they needn’t study the ability on their very own.

“This, of course, is where couples counseling and things like that can be really helpful because it provides a platform for people to communicate effectively and be able to listen to each other.”

Talking with an unbiased good friend or member of the family – or ideally an expert therapist if that’s accessible – will help convey to the fore the untold ideas and emotions of the addict as a pair, in addition to the couple. could reveal patterns of habits between and the way they deal with others.

Ben Affleck says he felt 'trapped' in his marriage to Jennifer Garner

In addition to substance abuse therapy, psychologists will typically additionally use assertiveness coaching for folks with addictions in order that they’ll talk successfully “without having to say what they mean,” Kelly stated.

The objective is to not take away difficulties and struggles from an individual’s life in an effort to cease substance use, however to arm them with the talents to seek out assist, deal instantly with life that comes their method, and “life’s way of life”. Face life on phrases,” ​​Kelly said.

For the spouse of someone affected by alcohol use, “getting counseling from a educated skilled therapist and/or teams resembling El Anon household teams is commonly very useful in securing assist and equity round these acute circumstances,” He advised.



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