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Vlogger criticized for ‘humiliating’ Seaview horsemen over ‘rip-off’ The Express Tribune


Pakistanis are angered on-line after Scottish vlogger Dale Philippe posted concerning the arrest of three horsemen for allegedly dishonest on the ocean view. Philip tweeted concerning the incident with an image of a younger horseman behind bars, “He tried to earn a living by cheating people, but now he is living behind metal bars thanks to Karachi Police.” He additional added, “Hopefully he will learn that there is no need to cheat foreign tourists. Most will pay extra if they are shown a good experience and treated in an honest manner.” Also uploaded a vlog titled “Avoid this horse riding scam in Karachi, Pakistan”.

Several social media customers questioned Philippe concerning the public humiliation for which he mounted, in addition to utilizing the incident as materials for his vlog, which has since garnered over 470,000 views. Comedian and host Shehzad Ghiyas Shaikh wrote on Twitter, “They tried to scam you for $20. You exploited her, used her face and made a video from her to earn $4000 from YouTube.” He continued, “Who is the real crook here? Are you going to share even a part of your money with the poor people from whom you used to earn lakhs?”

In the video, the horseman reluctantly agrees for 200 rupees to go to the amusement park Chunky Munky and again. Another horseman finally replaces the one with whom the pact was made, explaining that it’s a great distance off and can value the equal of 20 journeys. Philip then asks the horseman to cease the trip, however is ignored. At the tip of the trip, the horsemen demand Rs 5000 for the trip, which Philip refuses.

Responding to the vlogger’s tweet, creator Ilhan Niaz wrote, “Dale Philippe has 858K YouTube subscribers. Here he is celebrating the misery of a poor brown man who tried to ‘scam’ a few hundred rupees from him. The ‘scam’ video has garnered 450K+ views on YouTube. Mr. Philip is blind to his privilege and has been driven out of the class war.”

Visual artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutti additionally provided his two cents on the matter, tweeting, “Is this incentive enough to screen white tourists before they come here? Literally a million with the government and police with their time and money.” Would be doing a greater job, however no, they wish to please the vlogger. Disgusting.”

One consumer claimed that regardless of the horseman’s minor deceit, he deserves to be handled with respect and never topic to public humiliation. “It may surprise a white man, but this person deserves to be treated with respect rather than being paraded as anything indigenous deviant,” he wrote.

Describing Philip’s actions as “disgusting”, one other consumer shared, “As a wealthy foreigner in third world countries if you don’t expect to pay high prices and sometimes get duped Do not go.”

Journalist and speak present host George Fulton additionally took observe of the matter, explaining to Philip that it was not “good-looking”, including, “You probably made more money from the video than what you were originally asking for in a YouTube ad. ”


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