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US Defense secretary instructed lawmakers that Americans have been crushed by Taliban in Kabul, sources say


    (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
    (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

    Pentagon press secretary John Kirby at this time offered few particulars on how US troops introduced 169 Americans to the Hamid Karzai International Airport, however characterised the exercise as “assistance” slightly than a rescue mission.

    “My understanding of what happened was they were really just outside the wall,” he instructed CNN’s Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr.

    “It wasn’t a rescue so much as assisting them getting onto the field,” continued Kirby, talking from the Pentagon.

    When pressed by Starr, Kirby repeatedly stated that he didn’t have particulars on US operations exterior the airport, which is secured by the US navy.

    “I don’t have that level of detail,” stated Kirby. “…I do not have that level of tactical detail today. I’m happy to go look and see if we can find answers for you on that.”

    President Biden, in a press convention earlier this afternoon, stated US troops had gone “over the wall” to carry 169 Americans to the airfield. 

    Kirby stated past “assistance” to the 169 Americans, he was not conscious of some other cases wherein US troopers had left the airport. He stated the US had elevated its capability to function exterior of the wire, nonetheless, which stands in distinction to remarks made earlier within the week by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who stated they did not have the capacity to exit and get “large numbers of people.”

    Speaking on the Pentagon at this time, Kirby stated they’d now “flown in additional capacity, additional forces.”

    “If there can be a necessity to do one thing extra to assist Americans or different individuals in danger that we want to get to the airfield, we might study these choices,” Kirby stated.


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