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US and allies impose new sanctions on Belarus over migrant disaster and ongoing human rights abuses


    The US, the United Kingdom, the European Union and Canada took coordinated motion towards numerous Belarusian entities and people of their newest try and stress Alexander Lukashenko, the longtime strongman of Belarus, towards whom “innocent migrants are used as a political weapon”. , as an try and destabilize,” within the phrases of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and whose authorities has launched a marketing campaign of repression towards activists, dissidents, and journalists.

    “We are committed to supporting the democratic aspirations of the people of Belarus and stand together to put a cost on governance – and those who support it – by independent civil society, the media and efforts to silence the voices of all Belarusians. For. To speak the truth about what is happening in our country,” the four countries said in a joint statement.

    The sanctions also come at a time of rising tensions between Moscow – the strongest supporter of the Lukashenko regime – and much of the West as Russian President Vladimir Putin gathers troops along the border with Ukraine.

    In a joint statement, the US, Canada, Britain and the European Union demanded that Lukashenko “immediately and completely stop his conduct of irregular migration across its borders with the EU.”

    “Those, in Belarus or in third countries that facilitate illegal crossing of EU external borders, should be aware that this comes at a great cost,” the nations said.

    Belarus Foreign Minister Vladimir Meki, speaking at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Ministerial Conference in Stockholm on Thursday, said That Belarus has been “punished” by sanctions “only because we have revealed the ‘dark side’ of European democracy.”
    “Please remember a simple truth: those who seek to strangle their people through truly devastating sanctions will never be accepted and will not be in demand in this country,” Mackie stated, in accordance with one Tweet from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    ‘Critical’ restrictions

    The US Treasury Department introduced Thursday that it’s “designating 20 individuals and 12 entities and identifying three aircraft as blocked assets,” giving additional approval to Belarus’s potash business, and Belarus’ sovereignty. Banning coping with loans.

    “Since June 2021, companions and allies, together with the European Union, the UK, Canada and Switzerland, have focused new issuances of Belarusian sovereign debt within the major and secondary markets in an effort to carry the Lukashenka regime liable for its ongoing malicious behaviour. The Treasury Department stated in a press launch, utilizing an alternate spelling of the Belarusian chief’s title.

    It “demonstrates close coordination with partners and allies to restrict the Lukashenka regime’s access to international capital markets in addition to US sanctions in new issuance of Belarusian sovereign debt in primary and secondary markets,” it stated.

    Those sanctioned embrace Belarus’ state-owned tourism firm, its state-owned cargo provider, 5 entities affiliated with its protection sector, and several other people with shut ties to Lukashenko, together with his center son.

    Blinken and Lavrov meet amid tensions over Russia's intentions in Ukraine

    “I think it’s really quite important,” stated Julia Friedlander, a senior fellow on the Atlantic Council and former senior coverage adviser for Europe on the Treasury Department.

    Friedlander advised CNN that the ban on debt issuance is a very large deal, noting that it “shows that the administration is saying now is the moment to use up all of our leverage.”

    “I highly doubt that the pressure of sanctions will cause (Lukashenko) to change course,” Friedlander stated. “It’s about limiting his and his inner circle’s ability to function financially.”

    “It could undermine their ability to keep the economy stable, which could lead to further domestic unrest,” she stated.

    Kenneth Yalowitz, a former US ambassador to Belarus and a Wilson Center fellow, additionally expressed doubts that the brand new sanctions would immediate a change in conduct by Lukashenko, however stated they have been economically vital.

    “They’re probably having a hard time now borrowing money and issuing bonds,” he advised CNN. “It’s also important to me, maybe as a sign to the Russian side, that you know what kind of financial sanctions we can put in place when we go to Ukraine.”

    Blinken has warned repeatedly over the previous a number of days of “high-impact economic measures that we have avoided taking in the past” if Moscow assaults Ukraine.

    Yalovitz advised CNN that “Belarus is going to be more expensive for the Russians to maintain,” however each he and Friedlander stated it’s unlikely Putin will cease supporting Lukashenko over the brand new tranche of sanctions.

    “Belarus, for Putin, is another part of the military equation that he is bringing to bear against Ukraine. So he is not going to lock Lukashenka anymore,” he stated.



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