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The curse of fascist Hindutva unfold terror in Britain. The Express Tribune



    In a cricket match failure towards Pakistan, goons affiliated with the world’s largest paramilitary RSS and its political wing BJP in Britain launched never-before-seen assaults on minority Muslims and different communities over the previous weekend.

    There had been incidents of avenue threats, abuse and irreligious allegations in Leicester, a metropolis within the East Midlands area of England.

    Hundreds of thugs and dacoits from the RSS and BJP, carrying face masks and scooter helmets, walked by way of the streets hurling abuses in an open case of hatred, principally towards Muslims. Most of them are immigrants or born in Hindu households of Indian origin.

    It was late on Saturday night time that the bandits got here out within the open and began marching towards the peaceable Muslims dwelling within the metropolis for many years.

    British police have admitted to “disorder” after India suffered a humiliating defeat by the hands of the Pakistani cricket workforce throughout the Asia Cup cricket match on 28 August. Many say the incident is a transparent case of Islamophobia, which may result in pogroms, and can’t be known as “communal”.

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    Faheem Kayani, a pacesetter of the British Muslim neighborhood, stated, “What Hindutva goons have done in Britain is done to India in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and to Muslims in India.”

    Kayani stated: “Open threats and expressions of anti-Muslim hatred and then running a rally against Muslim citizens are a reminder that Hindutva thugs are preparing violent Islamophobic events in Britain that could lead to the massacre of Muslims.”

    He stated it’s “injustice” to color these incidents as “communal”.

    “Muslims are not involved, nor is there any party in these incidents. The Muslim community is the victim of this widespread attack in broad daylight and Hindutva goons have clearly stated in their rally that Muslims should leave the country,” stated Kayani, who heads the Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK foyer group. Is.

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    Kayani stated, “This mentality has originated in RSS laboratories in India, from where these goons go to Kashmir to persecute the Muslim population and have now spread across the world.” – Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

    Narendra Modi, who’s allegedly concerned within the 2002 bloodbath of Muslims in his dwelling province of Gujarat, leads the central BJP authorities since 2014 – which Stanford University anthropologist Thomas Blom has described as a “reign of low-intensity terror”. has been described.

    The RSS and the BJP, which consider within the racial supremacy of Hindus, draw inspiration from Mussolini’s fascists and Germany’s Nazis.

    Kayani stated the actions of Hindutva forces in Britain are an amazing instance of what ’causes struggling’.

    “These scenes were seen before the 2002 massacre of Muslims in Godhra (Gujarat) and the same is being repeated in the UK which is a warning to the authorities to wake up and stop appeasing the Indian rulers,” he stated.

    “We have been warning the British authorities about the danger of Hindutva and now it is happening in broad daylight,” Kayani stated. Across the continents, totally different races and religions have settled right here. ,

    Urging the British authorities to behave swiftly, the British Muslim chief stated: “Such attacks are part of an organized grassroots movement among the Muslim community to work closely with the British authorities to take the matter to its logical conclusion.” There are calls.”

    “Hindutva thugs must be brought to justice, as it acts as a deterrent against any possible future intentions of the RSS, BJP and their allies in Britain,” Kayani stated.

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    Kayani additional stated that the British Muslim and Hindu management ought to take robust observe of the rising extremism of the RSS which is disturbing the concord between the 2 communities in Britain. Both leaders of the 2 communities ought to develop a method aimed toward selling non secular concord in Britain.

    Frustrated by the inaction of the UK authorities, CJ Verleman, a globally acknowledged journalist and activist, stated: “British Muslims are being attacked by radical Hindus, but UK police are making excuses for the attackers.”

    The UK and India are shut allies and share a strategic partnership with the US. In lieu of New Delhi’s competitors with China, India has been given a silent move by its western allies.

    A contemporary examine performed by the Islamic Council of Victoria (Australia) revealed that about 86% of anti-Muslim content material on Twitter comes from the US, UK and India.

    On Indian customers sharing anti-Muslim content material, analysis blames the BJP for the unfold and unfold of anti-Muslim hate, saying, “(BJP) has actively normalized hatred towards Muslims, such as 55.12 percent Anti-Muslim hate tweets now originated in India.”

    Commenting on a video interview of a Hindutva fascist throughout an anti-Muslim rally, Sweden-based Indian-origin professor Ashok Swain commented: “If these Hindu supremacists in Leicester are concerned about the increase in the Muslim population in India, they Why have you fled? UK, India is not coming back?”

    Athens-based Cass Mudde stated on Twitter that Hindutva was a worldwide motion and “it is too naive to think that its fundamentalism and violence will be confined to India. There is a concern for the UK in particular, but the US could also come.”

    Linking the RSS and BJP to Saturday-night’s anti-Muslim march, Swain steered to UK officers that any expatriate group “celebrating their country’s governance should be forced to defend the host country’s security on grounds of political persecution.” rights ought to be misplaced.”

    According to him, the Leicester violence reveals that “British Indians are the primary suspects.”

    “Hindu supremacists have transformed Hindus living in India and abroad,” Swain stated.


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