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Salauddin Ayyubi isn’t our hero: Iffat Umar | The Express Tribune


    Pakistani veteran star Iffat Umar has made headlines again and again for talking his thoughts. The actor is thought for not mincing phrases – be it his criticism of the present authorities, calling out celebrated collaborations or attacking haters. Umar has typically discovered himself in sizzling water for his outspokenness and now, in a latest interview with fellow actor Nauman Ijaz, he revealed that he has no regrets.

    The actor, who’s a bitter critic of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the ruling celebration, shared that he’s deeply pained after the previous cricketer-turned-politician introduced the nation to its knees. However, Omar clarified that simply because she is highlighting the failings of the present authorities, it doesn’t imply that she helps every other political celebration within the nation.

    Umar mentioned, “If I blame the present government, it does not mean that I support the opposition. If I am calling Imran Khan for his shortcomings, it does not mean that I myself Associated with any other political party.” ,

    Speaking about why Pakistan isn’t shifting in the best path, Umar lamented, “If the departments concerned keep interfering in other departments, we will never move towards success. We need peace, we need education. We need science. In the next 30 years, technology will be replaced. Artificial intelligence is the new revolution.”

    hoax historical past

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    Ejaz then intervened and questioned how the federal government promoted Islamic historical past by airing widespread Turkish reveals. To this Umar replied with folded fingers, “They [Turks] attacked us. Understand it We don’t need fictional characters, we need stories about scientists. There is not a single mathematician, scientist in Pakistan who is known throughout the world.”

    Ejaz then requested Umar concerning the upcoming Pak-Turk collaboration on the upcoming collection on Salahuddin Ayyubi. “He [Salauddin Ayyubi] Not our hero. We consider ourselves seniors. Our history belongs to the subcontinent, we need to support it. Our history is not that of Turkey.”

    NS Sang-e-Mar Mar The star then requested if Omar could be keen to enter politics. “I can’t do that,” laughed the actor. “Never. I don’t deserve it. I’m an actor, this is my profession, this is my career.”

    appearing interval

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    Speaking about taking a break from appearing, Umar shared, “Everyone has their own preferences. You [Naumaan] Know me since we were kids. You know I’ve always wanted to get married and settle down. I met my husband, Omar, when I was about 24, and we tied the knot when I was 26. After marriage, I had to prove that I could be the quintessential housewife. That was my priority.”

    She continued, “Then I got pregnant, the baby was very young. I took a break from my career in my peak years and then continued with the role of mothers in drama serials. But when I returned, I didn’t feel that way. . About to work the same way I did before. I feel like I’ve really quit showbiz.”

    fault in our performs

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    The actor then shared his two cents concerning the content material proven in as we speak’s period of dramas. “I’m not at all happy with the plays being made these days. I can’t stand these plays even for a moment. I’m sorry, call me what I like but the kind of plays I love are not produced are,” she mentioned sternly. “I watch foreign shows, I surf the Internet – there’s a lot better material out there.”

    Ejaz once more questioned, “When Pakistani audiences are watching the same content that you are watching. When Pakistani broadcasters and producers are also watching it, why do you think we are unable to change the tempo, tempo of our plays? ?” Umar mentioned it’s all concerning the ranking sport. “We’ve been fed what a hero looks like,” she shared. “We are made to believe [that this is what the reality is], It is the priority that you keep fooling the public and the institutions keep doing whatever they want.”

    take care of hate

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    However, Omar believes that imminent change is about to occur quickly. “Growth will happen, it has to happen,” she mentioned. The actor then highlighted how vital it’s for him to talk his thoughts. “What no one else can say, I say.” Ejaz then requested Umar about his dealing with of the criticism and the hatred he obtained for it.

    “Did Umar ever ask you not to be so candid about issues? Did he ever ask you to leave the show before harassing anyone?” Umar replied, “He tried his best to get me to leave the show. We had our share of battles over this. But ultimately, I won him. I told him if he would take my right to speak my mind.” If so, I will probably be a really sad particular person.”

    The former supermodel then revealed the risks she’s confronted over time as the price of calling a spade a spade. “I got a lot of threats over time, women usually get a lot of rape threats. They’re so scary. There were times I trended on Twitter and the hate was painful. But then I decided that I’d be all Will answer. Once I started doing that, they eventually stopped because they had no reason to hate me.”

    Talking about pay parity and disproportionate revenue of the partner, Umar mentioned it’s all about private choice. “A lot has changed,” she continued. “These young girls, including my own daughter, want to pursue a career first. When I was younger, I wanted a man who could provide me well as a husband. Everyone’s got their own There are priorities.”

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