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Qes launched the assertion because the mannequin accused him of dishonest on Aima. The Express Tribune


    Singer Aima Baig has discovered herself in scorching water after a British mannequin accused her of dishonest on her ex-boyfriend Qiss Ahmed throughout her engagement to actor Shahbaz Shigri.

    The information of Ahmed and Baig’s alleged romance got here after Taloula Mair took to Instagram and known as the Pakistani singer for having an affair together with her boyfriend. Maier’s foremost Instagram account, which has now been deactivated, shared how Ahmed had cheated on her a number of instances, together with with Baig.

    British mannequin prices

    “It was actually Ima Baig, the girl he was actually cheating on me with,” Maier shared on his Instagram Story. “he is [Ahmed] Not really a very thoughtful person, but I am. So, the first gift I bought her was a personalized Zippo. It was really worthwhile for me. Fast forward a few years and when he went to Dubai to meet Aima, they were living together and he kicked her out. They were having a great time and you know what gift he bought her for? A personal Zippo,” alleged Maier.

    In one other story, Maier stated, “It will get a lot of attention because this woman is quite famous in Pakistan or as cus as delicately put it, when he was talking about cheating on me, ‘Pakistan. One of the most famous women in the world.”

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    He then shared a candid screenshot of his and Shigri’s chat. In the above screenshot, the actor shared that it’s ‘not a simple factor to imagine that they’ [Ahmed and Baig] Not actually deceived within the full sense of the phrase.’ The screenshot additional reads that Shigri is reportedly asking for extra screenshots. “I will be very grateful,” he wrote plainly to Maier. “It’s better to know now than to find out later.” He reportedly added, “On the other hand, I would say – at some point, we can really only choose whether or not we are ready to push our limits and believe in the people we love.” (as flawed as it could be).”

    Qais Ahmed points an announcement

    Ahmed shared his aspect of the story on Instagram following Mayer’s allegations. “I have been made aware that a woman from my past is saying some strange things about me. She has accused me of plagiarism and is reaching out to people I know without reference screenshots and false facts I know,” he stated. wrote. “Earlier this 12 months, she did a really comparable job the place she reached out to my shoppers with the identical story. She once more demanded that I pay her 10,000 euros and after a lot dismay on the recommendation from my household, I’d do it. I determine to pay to realize peace.”

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    Ahmed accused Maier and stated, “This woman has never had a job. She has been away from Sugar Daddies for the past few years while we were together.” He commented on how Maier “suffers from serious mental health issues, which is extremely sad.” Ahmed additional shared, “She’s been through a lot so it’s understandable, however, I just can’t sit back and allow this bullshit to continue. She literally extorted me for 10,000 euros, extremely racist remarks That, cheated on me throughout the relationship and is accusing me of fixing everything above.”

    Alleging how Mayer is at the moment unemployed and has spent ‘cash acquired from Ahmed’, he wrote, “I will not stand for it. I will not take legal action at this point until his mental health is not assessed.”

    qes 11663751993 3

    In one other Instagram story, Ahmed wrote, “For those who are asking why I stayed with him? [Mair] For so long, the truth is that I loved him. I overlooked many of the red flags, such as emotional abuse, extreme reactions, and paranoia from his drug use. I was feeling sympathetic by now. I’m pretty sure that’s what she really wants because she hasn’t asked for money this time. I have had experiences with people with psychosis before and their behavior reflects it. If you really care about her, I guess I would urge you not to encourage her behavior until a mental health team sees her.”

    Both Shigri and Baig haven’t addressed the matter. The Express Tribune has contacted Baig’s administration for an announcement and is at the moment awaiting remark.

    Baig confirms separation from Shigri

    Last week, the Coke Studio singer confirmed that she and Shigari had break up after a year-long engagement. “Yes, I will always respect this person for giving me a good time,” Baig stated in an announcement on social media. “Sometimes, shit happens for a reason. And to answer all of your questions, yes we’ve parted ways. But we’re both doing well and well, so don’t worry.”

    aima1663751992 0

    The singer stated, “I wanted to do it in the most respectful way and so I did. People can choose their own ways of expressing their feelings, which define who they are on the inside. I am telling the truth to anyone. I am whether they are or they are not together. And the answer is, no. Me and Shahbaz are not together anymore.” She ended her assertion with, “PS: No more ‘feeling sorry texts’ please! We’re doing fine.”

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