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Putin praises Russian military for capturing Luhansk area


    Russian-flagged cargo ship Zhibek Zoli is seen off the Black Sea port of Karasu, Turkey, on July 2.
    Russian-flagged cargo ship Zhibek Zoli is seen off the Black Sea port of Karasu, Turkey, on July 2. (Yoruk Isik/Reuters)

    Ukraine has requested that Turkish authorities detain a Russian-flagged ship carrying Ukrainian grain, the nation’s ambassador to Turkey, Vasil Bodnar, advised CNN on Saturday.

    Bondar mentioned the Zhibek Zoli vessel is at the moment at anchor close to the Turkish port of Karasu as a result of “it was actually detained by Turkish customs officials and is not allowed to enter the port.” “We are now awaiting the decision of the relevant Turkish authorities regarding the actions that the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies insist,” he mentioned.

    Turkey’s commerce ministry has but to reply to CNN’s request for affirmation that the ship has been detained.

    Bodnar mentioned Ukraine initially addressed Turkey’s international ministry concerning the ship on Thursday, and on Friday the Ukrainian embassy in Turkey obtained an attraction from Ukrainian authorities “to ensure its detention and inspection”.

    “Maybe, we will also demand his arrest,” Bodnar mentioned. “We have sent an appeal to the Turkish authorities, conducted several communications with senior officials.” CNN has contacted Turkey’s international ministry concerning Bodnar’s declare.

    Ukraine has repeatedly mentioned that Russia has stolen a whole bunch of 1000’s of tons of grain for the reason that begin of the warfare.

    According to ship monitoring web site Marine Traffic, the cargo ship departed the Russian port of Novorossiysk on June 22 and spent almost every week at sea between Ukraine and Russia.

    According to Maritime Traffic, the cargo ship turned on its tracker whereas leaving the Azov Sea for Karasu, Turkey on June 29 and reached Turkish port on Friday.

    While it’s attainable that the grain could have come from neighboring areas, Bodnar mentioned that the ship’s loading level was “definitely” Burdiansk – “occupied territory”, with out explaining why he was positive about it. Bodnar mentioned he didn’t have the title of the corporate or the district from which the grain was taken.

    Yevgeny Balitsky, the top of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Military Administration, which is now partly beneath Russian management, mentioned on Telegram on Thursday that the primary service provider ship had left the Burdyansk port on the Azov Sea, and reiterated Russia’s claims that the world across the port The water has spoiled. – Mined by engineering items of the Novorossiysk naval base of Russia.

    Bodnar mentioned Ukraine despatched a second attraction to Turkey on Friday, “when we just learned that the ship was arriving” after the preliminary attraction on Wednesday “when we received information from open sources that such a ship was being loaded and apparently was intended to enter the port.”

    Friday’s attraction has “a legal” element and has been despatched to “all Turkish authorities responsible for decision-making”, he mentioned.

    According to Bodnar, Turkey’s Ministry of Trade, responding to an preliminary attraction, mentioned that the ship would stay anchored. close to Karasu port with out being allowed to disembark or return, whereas Turkey evaluates Ukraine’s requests.

    “I think the Russian side tried to set an example and start transporting everything from the occupied ports – it could be Burdiansk, it could be Mariupol,” Bodnar mentioned.

    “In addition, this is perhaps one of the attempts to drive a wedge between Turkey and Ukraine. As well as an attempt to legitimize its occupation of ports belonging to Ukraine.”

    In response to media reviews that Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office has submitted a request to Turkey to detain and arrest the cargo ship, Kazakhstan Temir Zoli (KTZ), the ship’s proprietor, made an announcement on Saturday. In mentioned that “KTZ has requested confirmation. from the Ukrainian authorities regarding such request.

    “Active consultations are occurring with the ambassadors of each the nations. [Turkey and Ukraine]”The statement said.

    “The seller, which is a company registered in Europe, insists that the transaction is legal. In order to clarify the situation and exclude violations of international law, KTZ has requested the lessor of the ship to provide in the form of a letter Sent a letter with

    “KTZ assures of its dedication to compliance with worldwide regulation,” it added.

    Ukraine accused Russia of blocking its ports and making an attempt to “steal” Ukrainian grain. The blockade of Ukraine’s ports by Russia has already raised global food prices and some parts of the world are at risk of catastrophic food shortages, the United Nations has said.

    Russia has repeatedly denied that it is blocking ports and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov alleged that Russia was stealing grain from its neighbor as “faux information.”


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