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PM Imran Khan slams EU envoys, questions why bloc hasn’t written to India on Kashmir


Taking exception to a letter written by EU envoys to Pakistan from Islamabad condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the regional bloc asking the place the identical international locations have been when New Delhi attacked Kashmir. had damaged worldwide legislation.

PM Imran instructed concerning the letter of the European Union envoy to Pakistan throughout a public assembly in Tehsil Melsi of Vehari district. PM Imran Khan was accompanied by Punjab CM Usman Buzdar and different members of the federal government.

The premier instructed the individuals of Melsi that whereas following the teachings of his dad and mom, he had at all times believed that Pakistan shouldn’t be “one’s slave”.

“EU ambassadors wrote a letter to Pakistan, asking us to issue an anti-Russian statement. I ask EU ambassadors “Did you write that letter to India too?” PM Imran said.

The premier reminded the rally participants that Pakistan had helped the Western Bloc during the War on Terror (WoT), adding that while it was in power at the time, it never made Pakistan a party to the war.

PM Imran said, ‘At that time the head of the country supported America. He wondered what Pakistan got from supporting the West apart from the loss of 80,000 of its civilians, 3.5 million people displaced, and more than $100 billion in damages.

“I ask the ambassadors of the European Union, did you thank us? Did you say we helped you in your struggle? Did you respect us?” PM Imran questioned the envoys of the European Union.

The Prime Minister reminded the envoys that instead of thanking Pakistan, there were people in the West who made Islamabad a scapegoat.

“When India broke worldwide legislation in Kashmir and ended Kashmir’s autonomous standing, did any of you break ties with India, finish commerce or criticize [New Delhi]?” requested PM Imran.

“What are we? Are we your slaves? Do we do what you say?” The premier questioned.

After this, he requested the individuals of Melsi why drone assaults have been taking place within the nation from 2008 to 2018.

Attacking former President Asif Ali Zardari and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, PM Imran mentioned that they didn’t cease the drone assaults as their cash was stashed in Western international locations.

“They feared that the day they would speak [the West] Their properties will be confiscated. Today Russian properties are being confiscated in the West and they feared that too.

The PM also remarked that terror attacks in the country were people whose “relations have been killed” in drone strikes “taking revenge on Pakistan” because “they knew the assaults have been being carried out with the permission of Islamabad”. “

After this the Prime Minister mentioned that Pakistan doesn’t need enmity with anybody.

“We want friendship with everyone,” he mentioned, and reiterated that Pakistan is pals with Russia, the US, Europe, China and was not a part of “any camp”.

“we are neutral” [and] We will attempt to work with these international locations to finish the struggle in Ukraine. As the struggle is hurting the nation, oil, wheat and gasoline costs are skyrocketing,” PM Imran mentioned.

The premier mentioned Islamabad wouldn’t participate in any struggle, however can be “part of the peace”.[ful] battle decision.”

PM Imran condemns opposition’s no-confidence motion

Turning to the opposition’s no-confidence motion, PM Imran told the public about the leaders who moved the motion.

Beginning with his arch-rival Nawaz Sharif, the premier reminded the public of how the former prime minister acted like a “Bollywood star” to leave the country.

“If the PML-N is listening to me, give it some thought: Can a jackal ever turn into a pacesetter?” Asked PM Imran. The premier claimed that the PML-N is bringing a no-confidence motion because Nawaz is missing Pakistan.

Targeting the Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif, PM Imran said that if anyone wants to know about him, they should find a ‘Maqsood Peon’.

Continuing the attack on the PML-N, the premier said that Nawaz and his daughter Maryam abuse the army, while Shahbaz “begins sharpening no matter sneakers he finds”.

“Times have modified. Shahbaz, no matter you do, it’s a must to clarify how Rs 160 million bought ended up in your servants’ accounts,” said the PM, adding that the opposition leader was moving the no-confidence motion as he feared It was that if his case was not heard, the courts would once again be put in jail.

Slamming PPP co-chair Asif Ali Zardari, PM Imran reminded people that the PPP leader became “Mr 10%” within a year of Benazir Bhutto coming to power.

Attacking Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the premier said he “doesn’t need to deal with him as ‘Maulana’ because the title is for individuals who are revered.”

,[Maulana Fazlur Rehman is someone] One who earns money by selling diesel permits,” said PM Imran.

The premier said that Fazal’s followers accused him of being a “Jewish agent”, but he retorted saying that Jews do not need to plot against Pakistan when Fazal and “gangs of robbers” are in the country.

The PM said he entered politics 25 years ago to challenge the “gang” and said he would continue till his last breath.

“I’ll problem them and I’m prepared for no matter they do,” he said. But are you ready to face when your no-confidence motion will fail,” PM Imran said.

the game has only just begun

Responding to PM Imran Khan’s speech, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz took to Twitter and wrote that “the sport has simply begun”.

“Why breaking down and hysterical Imran Khan’s voice? The recreation has simply began, man and you’ve got already misplaced it! Show some participant spirit!” She wrote.

‘No confidence motion will be successful’: Fazli

On the other hand, Fazal, reacting to the speech of the Premier, said that the no-confidence motion will be successful as the opposition has a majority, which is necessary to bring this step.

“The federal ministers try to flee the nation through the use of cash from the nationwide treasury,” he said. “Our proposal has woken up the nation, so we will topple the present authorities.”


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