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Pakistan has not reached its potential because of lack of rule of legislation: PM Imran Khan


    Prime Minister Imran Khan.
    Prime Minister Imran Khan.

    ISLAMABAD: Lack of rule of legislation is the explanation we’ve got not achieved our potential, believes Prime Minister Imran Khan.

    He says that the elite encroached on Pakistan’s sources and the absence of rule of legislation not solely disadvantaged the general public of fundamental facilities, but additionally prevented the nation from attaining its immense potential.

    The Prime Minister, in an unique on-line dialog with Sheikh Hamza, stated, “The problem was the elite capture of resources, which was deprived of proper health, education and justice. The reason Pakistan had not achieved its potential was because of the lack of rule of law. ” Yusuf aired on Sunday.

    Hamza Yusuf, an American Islamic scholar, is the president of Zaytuna College and likewise wrote quite a few encyclopedia entries, educational papers, and articles on Muslim bioethics, authorized principle, abortion, and lots of different subjects.

    The Prime Minister stated that no society can obtain its potential if there is no such thing as a rule of legislation.

    “Ability is also linked to the rule of law. If you don’t have merit in society, you have this elite who is spoiled, prosperous and who doesn’t try and struggle and they sit in key positions…” The country falls apart because of a decadent elite. The people do not decay, it is the elite that decay, ”he remarked.

    The Prime Minister stated that the fundamental precept of a civilized society is the rule of legislation the place even the highly effective are equally accountable to the legislation.

    The largest drawback in growing nations is the absence of rule of legislation and discriminatory legal guidelines for the wealthy and poor, he defined.

    He advised the interviewer that he wished to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state based mostly on the idea of Medina State by our Prophet (PBUH).

    “We want to base this country on two principles. One it should be a welfare state and humanitarian state which takes care of its lower strata of the society and secondly the rule of law. ,

    climate crisis

    Talking about the climate crisis, he said that the environment should be considered sacred.

    He said that the world’s biggest environmental disaster is called climate change because humans have deviated from the basic principle of protecting the earth.

    Quoting a hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), advising people to “work for this world as if you would live forever and work for the hereafter as if you would die tomorrow”, the prime minister said Said that whatever man does today will ultimately have an impact on generations to come.

    He said that the hadith contains everything about the environment and how one should live on earth.

    PM says he entered politics because of his faith

    The PM said that if he wants to get closer to Almighty Allah then he has to live a humane life.

    Imran Khan said that the leadership that came through the political system was very different from the faith so he came to power and made compromises to stay in power and gain personal gains.

    “Every few politicians I see come with specific objectives of caring for humanity. In most developing countries they come to power for selfishness and earning money.”

    “Unfortunately there was little or no Mandela who got here for a noble trigger. Our nice chief Jinnah, who was the founding father of Pakistan, was a person who got here for a noble trigger,” PM Imran said.

    He said that those politicians were looked down upon because they say that they claimed to have helped the people but on the contrary, they helped themselves.

    The Prime Minister said that he has entered politics because of his faith.

    “I had all the things. I used to be already an enormous title within the nation as a sports activities star and I had some huge cash. So there was no level for me to battle for 22 years to change into the prime minister. The solely motive It was that I believed I had a duty in direction of the society as I used to be given greater than others,” he stated.

    He stated that man can be examined on the idea of the advantages and privileges given in life based on all religions.

    “I got into politics because I had faith and realized that I am very blessed, so I had a responsibility towards the society.”

    He stated that he was not in politics for private acquire or to make the most of energy.

    “God has given us the strength to fight. Whether we succeed or not is not in our hands.”

    When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) established the state of Medina, he unleashed the potential of those that all turned leaders, he remarked.

    He stated that after shifting out of Pakistan, folks get an equal enjoying subject there and excel.

    He stated that in Pakistan just one per cent have high quality schooling and others don’t have alternatives.

    “Pakistan will unleash the potential of the folks of Pakistan by profitable the battle this present day. And the second purpose is to elevate folks out of poverty.”

    He stated that the PTI authorities has began the largest welfare packages within the historical past of the nation.

    He stated that our purpose was to elevate folks out of poverty, construct wealth and unfold it round and break the monopoly of the the Aristocracy and mafia.

    He stated that true religion offers dignity and liberation to an individual.


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