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Pakistan demarcates US envoy on Biden’s nuclear remarks


Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad.  — Radio Pakistan/File
Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad. — Radio Pakistan/File

ISLAMABAD: Following robust protests from Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, Acting Foreign Secretary Johar Saleem on Saturday requested US President Donald Blom to provide a demarcation to US President Joe Biden’s current remarks on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. referred to as.

“Pakistan’s dismay and concern was conveyed to the US envoy on unsolicited remarks that were not based on ground reality or facts,” the assertion issued by the Foreign Office stated.

At a reception for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Thursday, Biden stated Pakistan could possibly be “one of the most dangerous countries in the world” as a result of the nation has “nuclear weapons without reconciliation”.

Taking notice of those feedback, the Foreign Office stated that it has been clarified [to the US envoy] That Pakistan was a accountable nuclear state and had impeccable management for its nuclear program and adherence to world requirements, and well-accepted worldwide finest practices, together with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency).

“The real threat to international peace and security is the violation of global norms by some states, repeated incidents of nuclear security without accountability, and arms races between major nuclear-weapon states and new security constructs that upset the regional balance.” was born from the start.” read the statement.

‘misleading, factually incorrect’

Dismissing the comments, PM Shahbaz termed them as “factually incorrect and deceptive”. The premier said that over the past decades, Pakistan has proved to be “probably the most accountable nuclear state”, with its nuclear program being managed through a “technically sound and foolproof command and management system”.

The statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office said that Pakistan has also consistently demonstrated responsible leadership of nuclear weapons capability, marked by a very strong commitment to global standards, including the IAEA on non-proliferation, safety and security.

“The actual risk to worldwide peace and safety is hyper-nationalism, human rights violations in areas which can be struggling in opposition to unlawful occupation, violations of worldwide norms by some states, repeated incidents of nuclear safety and main nuclear weapons.” Arms race between states and introduction of new security constructs that upset the regional balance,” PM Shahbaz said.

He further said that Pakistan and the US have a long history of friendly and mutually beneficial relations.

“At a time when the world is facing great global challenges, it is critically important that genuine and sustainable efforts are made to recognize the true potential of Pakistan-US relations while avoiding unnecessary remarks. It is our sincere desire to cooperate with the US to promote regional peace and security,” Premier was quoted as saying.

Biden’s remarks are shocking

first in their Press conferenceFM Bilawal had revealed the government’s plan to summon the US ambassador and hand him a demarche on Biden’s statement.

The foreign minister said: “We know find out how to defend our nuclear arsenals and so far as security and safety are involved, they meet each worldwide customary in accordance with the IAEA.”

“Pakistan stands firm to ensure its integrity and security. If questions are to be raised they should be on Indian nuclear weapons,” the foreign minister said, stating the Biden administration’s double standards.

FM Bilawal said that he discussed President Biden’s statement in detail with PM Shahbaz and expressed hope that the incident will not have a negative impact on Pakistan-US relations.

“This is not only irresponsible and unsafe, but also raises serious concerns about the security of nuclear-capable countries. Biden’s statement came as a surprise. I believe that such misunderstanding is a result of lack of engagement,” said the External Affairs Minister.

“We will be certain that our relationship with the US continues in the suitable path,” Bilawal said.

On the sensitivity of Biden’s remarks, Bilawal, however, said it was not an official ceremony and was not an address to parliament or an interview.

“It was a fundraising. It was an off-the-cuff dialog through which this sentence was used so it needs to be [looked at] That means, I feel we’ll have a look at this assertion that means.”

However, he warned that on the identical time the nation ought to chorus from churning out conspiracy theories.

What did Biden say?

US President Biden The US had stated that Pakistan could possibly be “one of the most dangerous countries in the world” because the nation has “nuclear weapons with out harmonization”.

The US President made the remarks while addressing a reception for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Thursday.

“And what I think is probably one of the most dangerous countries in the world: Pakistan. Nuclear weapons without reconciliation,” Biden was quoted as saying in a transcript of the address published on the White House website.

Biden’s comments were made in relation to the changing geopolitical situation globally, as he highlighted that the world is changing rapidly, and countries are rethinking their alliances.

“And the reality of the matter is – I actually consider this – that the world is watching us. Not a joke. Even our enemies are watching us to seek out out that we How do we discover out, what can we do,” he stated.

Imran Khan pulled up the federal government

In response to feedback, PTI President Imran Khan Holding the ruling rulers accountable, he stated it confirmed a complete failure of the “imported government’s” overseas coverage.

Describing the US president’s feedback as an “unfair conclusion” of Pakistan’s nuclear program, the previous prime minister requested about data Biden had obtained on the nation’s capacity to make such statements, including: “… Being that, I know we have one of the most secure nuclear command and control systems”.

“Unlike America which has been involved in wars around the world, when has Pakistan shown aggression after denuclearization?” He requested additional. “Is it ‘reset’?”


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