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Only one play out of ten value watching: Rubina Ashraf | The Express Tribune


    Veteran actress Rubina Ashraf, who just lately made her directorial debut Ruswai made an look on day trip with ehsaan khan With his daughter, actor Minna Tariq. The duo mentioned the heyday of performing, tv in addition to the gloomy state of affairs confronted by the business at present.

    Speaking in regards to the new expertise within the TV business, Rubina shared, “Whenever people ask me my opinion about the youth in the industry, I always say that we are blessed. They are such an asset and doing such a great job.”

    Minna, who recently made her mother’s directorial debut with Ruswai, told that being a seasoned member of the industry, she has benefited greatly from her mother. The actor said, “You get to learn a lot and know the difference between right and wrong. I have learned everything from my mother, but I think one of the things that stands out among them is patience. “

    Elaborating on how Rubina instilled in the young actor the quality of speaking when faced with a problem, she shared, “He has always taught me to speak up if I feel something is wrong. This helps a lot now. If I go on sets and I feel that something is not right, I try to fix things wherever I can, because when you speak, you really fix things. Unless you say something, things will remain as they were. At first I didn’t speak, but my mother told me to go and talk to my producers and directors. When I started doing this, things started to fix themselves.

    While there is no dearth of good actors for Rubina, the paucity of quality scripts has left the TV industry in a shambles. “There is much that is lacking [on television], We were the people who put television on the map at a time when everyone was only interested in making movies,” she mirrored. The actor additional added, “We have earned our identify internationally with performs written by Ashfaq Sahab, Bano Aapa and Mustansar Hussain Tarar. With so many massive names and reveals like Disha of the instances Ankahi And solitude, We’ve performed such an ideal job, and when in comparison with that we’re nowhere close to the place we should always have been.”

    About the lack of a good show, the veteran actor said, “There ought to have been a degree of perfection which isn’t there. There are nonetheless nice performs being made, however this is just one in ten. You select a play as a result of it’s a must to see at the very least one factor.”

    When asked whether the lack of finesse could be attributed to the privatization of television, Rubina replied, “It occurs. When amount goes up, high quality often goes down. But that is within the first 5 years.” There should have been an issue. Things should have picked up by now.”

    The troublesome conditions actors discover themselves in, he added, “It doesn’t feel good to say, because we are also to blame in some way or the other. Everyone associated with this field is responsible in some way or the other. And it’s theirs. Don’t mistake. An actor will be offered ten scripts and they will refuse the first nine due to quality issues but they will settle on the tenth as they have a family to feed and a sustenance to make. The situation is a bit heart-wrenching. We really need to work on our script.”

    Speaking of not being attentive to character improvement, move a mirror The actor shared, “When I watch today’s plays, I see a hero, I know he is a hero, but I don’t know why he is a hero. There is no background. I made sure the profession is on your face. You can tell whether it is a doctor or an air hostess. I made sure to include the uniform so that people can tell that these are real-life people.”

    On what impressed her on the planet of tv, Minna revealed that her transfer in the direction of performing was by no means a compulsion. She revealed, “I didn’t always want to be an actor and my mom really didn’t inspire me for it. I wanted to try something different and I would always see my mother going to work and I would be fascinated by what she does, so I gave it a shot. Then things happened in a very organic way and I started acting. ,

    On the fact that Minna uses her father’s name as her surname while her mother uses her maiden name, the young actor shared that this difference leads to some hilarious questions every time. “People think that Tariq and Ashraf are different husbands of my mother,” she said, adding, “They used to ask me who is my father. So, I have to clarify that my mother is the name of her father. And I use my father’s name as a surname. Now I have changed my Instagram name to Minna Rubina Tariq to clear any confusion people may have.”

    Reflecting on how she did not change her identify after marriage, Rubina mentioned, “I used to be already well-known as Rubina Ashraf, and I noticed individuals change their names after which ultimately they’ve to alter again. I did not need to undergo it so I caught with my father’s identify. I used to be fortunate as my husband additionally did not thoughts.’



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