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Nadia Jameel condemns the loss of life of a minor housewife. The Express Tribune


    In this week’s horrific information, two minor home employees had been brutally overwhelmed up within the protection sector of Lahore on Tuesday. As a consequence, 11-year-old Kamran succumbed whereas his brother, seven-year-old Rizwan, was severely injured. The outrage on social media was exceptional and actor Nadia Jamil’s condemnation of the heinous act aptly highlighted the deep-rooted concern of kid home labor in our society.

    Taking to Instagram, Jameel shared an emotional video by which he highlighted the struggling of kids who’re victims of kid labour. “Shattered,” shared the actor. “It has just been reported by BBC Urdu that Mohammad Kamran, 11 years old and his six year old brother, were domestic workers in a house in Defense Phase 3, Lahore. Caught taking food from the fridge because they were hungry, They were beaten up and so tortured that 11-year-old Kamran died. His six-year-old brother [is] Seriously in hospital. I can hear their screams. Their screams won’t let me sleep peacefully.”

    Recalling an identical outdated case, Jameel continued, “A few years back, a similar case of a little girl named Uzma came to the fore. I remember tweeting, begging to punish my killers but They were freed by giving blood. Money. I humbly appeal to Pakistan and the world to ensure that the killers of children are punished. Children are the most vulnerable among us. We are all responsible for every child on our planet We are adults. We make the rules, if those rules can’t protect our kids then what kind of adults are we?”

    The actor then defined how little one labor is frequent in Pakistan. “Children look to adults for protection. Yet there is so much rot in domestic labour, begging, prostitution,” she continued. “I request everybody studying this to boost their voice to make sure justice for Kamran. Kamran stands for each little boy/woman being harassed, overwhelmed, uncared for and starved. If not now then when? “

    She remarked, “How many children have to die before our united voice wakes up. Whatever party you vote for, or don’t vote for, these children are ours! We all, across political ideologies, culture, religion, In the nation, borders need to stand up to protect these beautiful little people who don’t stand a chance to survive without protecting our voices.”

    Concluding the notice, Jameel remarked, “If I have to ask everyone alone – I will. But I know I am not alone. I know how to protect children from millions of Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis around the world.” I do know you’ll increase your voice for justice for Kamran.”

    Jameel additionally shared a number of threads on little one abuse and labor on his official Twitter account. In a tweet, she shared photos of her 4 sons and shared how one in every of them was as soon as little one labour. “These are my four sons,” the actor wrote together with the image.

    “Sabir is studying to become an engineer in the army. He was a slave laborer in a brick factory when I met him at the age of four. He now talks inspiring things about his journey, from slavery to unpaid From engineering to singing! Every child should see the goal turn towards the result.”

    In one other tweet, he mentioned, “It’s an adult’s job to bring and keep a child in school. If can’t raise them, we shouldn’t do them. If my son wasn’t inspired, my job [is] On her inspiration to work with him. We need to spread awareness to parents that, in an increasingly global, competitive world, every child should learn!”

    In one other tweet, she shared, “This should be spread so that people who hire kids feel ashamed and embarrassed. Those who hire kids are criminals and kids who take their underage kids to work They are criminals. A state that ignores its constitution, in which all children are told above to be in school, is criminal.”

    Two minors from Karachi had been working in the home of a citizen named Nasrullah for a yr.

    Police mentioned each the youngsters had been tortured by the employer’s household and solely after their situation deteriorated they had been shifted to a neighborhood hospital. Law enforcement officers had been later contacted by the hospital employees, who had referred to as in view of the seriousness of their situation.

    Nasrullah, his spouse Shabana and son Mahmood have been detained by the police for torturing them, whereas his second son Abul Hasan and daughter-in-law Hina managed to flee and are at the moment being chased by the police.

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