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    The dilapidated buildings and residences are featured in the Old City section of Multan.  - AFP
    The dilapidated buildings and residences are featured within the Old City part of Multan. – AFP

    People with out data of their previous historical past, origin and tradition are like timber with out roots

    — Marcus Garvey

    Situated on the banks of the Chenab River in southern Punjab, Multan is also referred to as the City of Saints and is without doubt one of the oldest cities within the subcontinent.

    Situated in the midst of Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab, the town has a vivid and illustrious historical past woven into the material of wealthy cultural and architectural antiquity. Multan was previously referred to as Moltan which was named after a statue of a temple of the Sun god from pre-Islamic occasions.

    Connecting the previous commerce route from the subcontinent to Europe by way of Afghanistan and additional into the Central Asian area, Multan has not solely loved an essential location however has taken benefit of its geography by the ages. Various invaders besieged this metropolis and conquered it innumerable occasions. From Alexander the Great in 326 BC to Huan Tsang in 641 AD; From the Arab invaders Muhammad bin Qasim to Mahmud Ghaznavi in ​​712 AD; From Genghis Khan and the Mughal Empires to the British rulers: all these invaders have left their footprints of each destruction and resettlement on this metropolis over the centuries.

    In 1088 AD, a Sufi saint named Shah Yusuf Gardezi from Gardez (Afghanistan) migrated to Multan. He and his household labored to rebuild and restore the tarnished metropolis from the ashes, which has changed into the fashionable metropolis we see right this moment. He devoted his life to the town and its folks and his tomb was later inbuilt 1152 AD, one of many oldest temples within the metropolis of saints. Among the numerous nice Islamic students and Sufis, Multan is the resting place of Hazrat Shah Bahuddin Zakaria RA, Hazrat Shah Rukn e Alam RA, Bibi Pak Daman RA, Hazrat Shah Shams Tabrez Subazwari RA and plenty of others who contributed to the constructing of this metropolis. Is. Deep data, love and knowledge.

    Every Journey is a Blessed Adventure

    – Stranger

    Starting our current journey, we determined to journey by highway from Karachi to Multan. The distance of 884 km normally takes between 10 and 11 hours, however as a result of current devastating floods in Pakistan, the roads and highways resulting in the Sukkur-Multan Motorway (M5) have been badly affected, so rural After re-route a number of occasions by Sindh, it took us 14 hours to succeed in our vacation spot: Multan.

    Multan sees an arid local weather, on account of which the town experiences excessive rising temperatures in summers and chilly harsh winters. But being situated on the fertile belt alongside the Chenab River, Multan is a middle for glorious agricultural merchandise together with export high quality wheat, cotton, sugarcane, rice, sunflower, maize and fodder crops. Also often known as the Mango City, Multan is known for its unmatched juicy and candy mangoes, particularly Chaunsa and Unveritol, that are exported to worldwide markets for his or her glorious style and high quality of fruits. Apart from mangoes, Multan additionally produces the best grapes, guavas, citrus, pomegranates and dates.

    While visiting the temples and tombs in Multan, you’re taken again to the traditional occasions which takes you again to the grandeur and majestic structure, particularly the handcrafted beige tile work that reminds you of the artisans these buildings used to work in the course of the time. seen collectively. Their well-known blue pottery is making its mark within the world markets for its distinctive handmade designs and artistic endeavors.

    A spot displays the aura of its folks and whereas interacting with the locals, one can not miss to acknowledge their hospitality, heat and sweetness. “Saraiki” is the regional vernacular of Multan and Saraiki are often known as hardworking, hospitable and gifted folks. The native meals from the distributors is a should strive whereas visiting Multan. The meals is scrumptious, wealthy and spicy: served with copious quantities of affection toppings. When we took a break for a chilly “lassi” (yogurt drink), the native vendor added further butter to our drink. The drink was not solely thirst quenching however was additionally sufficient to skip our lunch for the day. “Multani halwa” (sweating meat) is one other specialty that shouldn’t be missed. A desert is created from flour, ghee, sugar and many dry fruits. The recipe is conventional and handed down from ancestors to the current technology, which nonetheless maintains the standard that satisfies your style buds.

    While roaming across the native markets of Multan, one can not miss to go to the well-known and historical “Husain Agahi” market. This market is known as after a well-known saint, Hazrat Syed Hussain Shah Bukhari RA, who was extra standard as Hussain Aghahi (Agahi that means consciousness). This market is unfold over an unlimited space and is good for soaking your self within the native Multani vibes. Husain Aghahi gives blue pottery, handcrafted leather-based footwear and khusa (embossed footwear), domestically made garments with multani thread, oriental jewellery, spicy avenue meals and a few native handicrafts to sate your candy tooth. Is. The market is a consumer’s paradise and a hub for native entrepreneurs.

    Multan remains to be an underdeveloped metropolis which faces lack of infrastructure at some locations. The rising metropolis requires slender roads, insufficient well being services, huge enhancements to its sewerage and transportation techniques; But nonetheless, the town continues to develop with resilience. Recently, a number of new and trendy housing schemes have been inaugurated on the outskirts of Multan, that are progressing and progressing effectively at the price of disturbing the ecosystem of the great agricultural land of Multan. Multan additionally has its personal airport and college which, until date, has wanted heavy authorities and personal sector assist to compete with the worldwide requirements. A metropolis with such an amazing historical past and tradition is in want of conservation and main restoration by the federal government and related authorities for its regeneration.

    If we’re to protect tradition, we should proceed to create

    – Johan Huizinga


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