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‘Lack of alternatives however not expertise’: Inzamam on cricket in Kashmir


    ‘Lack of alternatives however not expertise’: Inzamam on cricket in Kashmir

    Inzamam lauded the introduction of Kashmir Premier League

    'Lack of opportunities but not talent': Inzamam on cricket in Kashmir

    Former Pakistan captain Inzamamul Haq believes that lack of alternatives have been a significant roadblock in cricket taking off in Kashmir.

    While talking to Cricwick, Inzamam stated that there’s a lot of expertise within the area and its native gamers has the potential to symbolize Pakistan in future.

    “Lots of Kashmir players are already playing under-19 cricket for Pakistan. There is no dearth of talent in the players of this region. The prime issue is that they have not been getting proper opportunities and platforms so far,” Inzamam stated.

    “PCB has always tried to support them until now, but the latest step taken will give these guys good facilities, and resultantly more opportunities will arise for the players. You will see youngsters from Kashmir playing for Pakistan soon,” he added.

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    Inzamam added that the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) will act as a catalyst for the introduction of native Kashmiri gamers in different leagues all over the world.

    “In two to three years, I feel Kashmir players could be seen playing in leagues around the world. I think after the conclusion of this year’s KPL, within a year, we could witness a major change in the state of cricket in Kashmir and also the attitude of the people there,” he concluded.


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