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Karachi tormented by dengue outbreak | The Express Tribune



    A surge in dengue instances following heavy rains this monsoon season has overwhelmed hospitals within the metropolis as the excitement of mosquitoes has change into a sound of terror for residents.

    Worryingly, 75 per cent of sufferers who go to hospitals for medical session for fever, physique aches, pains and rashes are identified with dengue hemorrhagic fever.

    According to the Sindh Health Department, up to now this 12 months, 3,667 instances of dengue have been reported within the state. Of these, 3,273 are in Karachi alone. September has been of specific concern as 1,066 instances of the vector-borne illness have been reported within the first two weeks of this month, of which not less than 115 instances have been reported on Tuesday.

    Further breakdown exhibits that East district with 1,319 instances is the worst-affected, adopted by Central district with 780 instances, Korangi district with 181 instances, South district with 623 instances, West district with 99 instances, Malir district with 147 instances and Kemari district have been the worst affected. 124 instances. The lethal fever has claimed 9 lives in Karachi up to now this 12 months – six of them within the East district.

    lack of platelets

    In dengue fever the platelet depend decreases as a result of the blood cells are affected by the virus which damages the platelets. Patients are given platelet transfusion to stop hemorrhagic issues. But the surge in dengue constructive instances throughout Sindh, particularly in Karachi, has led to a extreme scarcity of platelets, which is troubling hospitals.

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    Sources stated mega platelets are wanted to deal with the kind of dengue virus pressure prevalent within the metropolis this 12 months as guide platelets usually are not efficient. There is a disaster scenario within the metropolis, however the authorities has not formulated any technique to take care of it. Blood banks have appealed to donate blood in order that platelets could be extracted to fulfill the rising demand for these important blood cells.

    What brought about the dengue spike?

    According to well being specialists, the heavy and extended monsoon rains took a toll on the town’s drainage and sewerage system, which stuffed streets, streets and whole neighborhoods with smelly sewage-mixed sludge and made them breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Changed. These mosquitoes are actually spreading varied illnesses within the metropolis, particularly dengue and malaria.

    According to residents, the municipal authorities have accomplished nothing for mosquito breeding grounds or spraying pesticides in essentially the most weak areas of the town to manage the mosquito inhabitants. Now, Karachiites have began doing no matter they’ll to guard themselves from these illness carriers.

    A survey carried out by The Express Tribune reveals that mosquito nets and bug repellents are in excessive demand, which has led to their shortage available in the market. Dealers who’ve internet in inventory are promoting them at exorbitant worth. A six-foot mosquito internet, which was earlier obtainable for Rs 700, is now promoting for Rs 1,400.

    Drug scarcity?

    The enormous improve in waterborne and mosquito-borne illnesses has additionally led to an enormous demand for OTC ache and fever relievers, particularly Panadol. A 20-strip field of Panadol was earlier promoting for Rs 340. But now it has nearly disappeared from the medical shops within the metropolis, whereas those that nonetheless have shares of Panadol are promoting the identical field for Rs 700.

    dengue vs coronavirus

    As the tip of the worldwide pandemic is close to, the WHO has stated that the novel coronavirus instances have dropped drastically the world over. Even in Pakistan, the havoc of the dreaded viral illness shouldn’t be taking its identify to cease. While the coronavirus largely spared younger youngsters, dengue impacts folks of all ages with out exception.

    Health specialists say there’s a enormous distinction between dengue and Covid-19, the illness brought on by the novel coronavirus. “Covid-19 becomes fatal when the body’s immune system becomes overactive, whereas dengue becomes fatal when there is a drastic drop in the number of platelets,” a well being practitioner defined to The Express Tribune.

    He additional defined that platelets are the smallest part of our blood which controls bleeding. “They cluster together to form a clot and stop bleeding at the site of injury,” he stated. In dengue hemorrhagic fever, when the platelet depend is low, our immune system is unable to manage the scenario and the danger of inside bleeding will increase.

    Dengue has a shorter incubation interval than COVID-19. Symptoms of COVID-19 start to seem inside 14 days of being contaminated with the novel coronavirus, whereas it’s three to seven days for dengue. One of the the reason why each dengue and COVID-19 trigger physique ache is as a result of the immune system is activated towards the virus when a international invader spreads.


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