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Justice Isa urges CJP Bandiyal to take away the incumbent registrar earlier than inflicting ‘additional hurt’


    Justice Kazi Faiz Isa.  - Supreme Court of Pakistan
    Justice Kazi Faiz Isa. – Supreme Court of Pakistan

    ISLAMABAD: Justice Qazi Faiz Isa urged Pakistan Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandiyal to take away Registrar Jawad Paul earlier than he causes “further irreparable damage to the institution”.

    In a letter to CJP Bandiyal earlier this month, which was obtained geo informationTerming the proposal of offering automobiles to retired judges as “shameful”, Justice Isa stated that the provide of advantages to retired judges is in violation of his oath, as what’s proposed will immediately profit them after retirement.

    Justice Isa talked about that the final time the total court docket met was on December 12, 2019. “Many important matters affecting the administration of justice require immediate resolution,” he stated, accusing Registrar Paul of ignoring these essential issues, “instead choosing to focus his attention on misappropriation of public resources.” Concentrate.”

    “He circulated a proposal to provide vehicles to retired judges for confirmation by the Full Court. I got this shameful resolution on June 1, 2022.” He said that same day he asked the registrar to ‘refer to the law, rule or law which empowers the full court to do what is proposed.’

    ‘The Registrar has shied away from his responsibilities’

    Justice Isa further told CJP Bandiyal that he had received a lengthy response (para 30 to 48) of the nineteen-paragraph, but crucially, his question (para 25 to 28) was not answered.

    “The registrar replaces meaningful content with verbosity,” he said.

    In his letter, he also mentioned that the primary responsibility of the Registrar is to ensure compliance with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Supreme Court Rules, 1980, and to better facilitate the administration of justice.

    He wrote, “If any idea or suggestion is placed with him then he should check whether it is in accordance with the law and if it is not then he should clearly state it rather than forward to the proposal of his subordinate.” And it seems that he desires the choose to violate an integral a part of his oath; ‘That I cannot permit my private pursuits to affect my official conduct or my official selections.’

    “Our oath also requires judges to ‘follow a code of conduct issued by the Supreme Judicial Council.’ To be above all, and for this purpose to keep his conduct in all things, official and private, free from undue, is expected of a judge’ (Article-IIl),” he famous.

    ‘The registrar considers himself accountable’

    He additional stated {that a} choose ought to strongly refuse to behave in a matter of his personal curiosity. Furthermore, the code of conduct additionally prohibits judges, “to employ the effect of their position, whether immediate or future, to obtain an unfair advantage which is classified as a grave mistake.”

    Justice Isa admitted within the letter that the registrar, nonetheless, is appropriate to level out that at occasions the sittings of the total court docket have been determined to profit the judges and that these “decisions” have been acted upon by the federal government.

    However, he instructed CJP Bandiyal that the registrar wanted to be reminded that the put up held by him, and people held by judges, shouldn’t be “misused for personal gain and gain”.

    “It appears that the registrar considers himself unaccounted for,” he stated, including that the registrar additionally mistakenly assumes that he speaks for each choose of the Supreme Court, and has the persistence to signify them.

    ‘Registrants undermined integrity of SC’

    He additionally stated that the Registrar filed WP No 4284/2021 titled ‘The Registrar, Supreme Court of Pakistan v Pakistan Information Commission’ within the Islamabad High Court to oppose the disclosure of the knowledge sought in respect of the Supreme Court. Justice Isa shared related excerpts from his letter dated 6 December 2021, during which he wrote to the then Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, together with:

    • The judges of the Supreme Court needed to be taken into confidence on this case, however first I got here to know from the media;
    • The opinion of all judges was required earlier than initiating authorized motion;
    • Before an individual elects to signify one other, she or he is legally required to acquire written authorization.

    Justice Isa warned, “I have already and repeatedly pointed out how Jawad Paul, who also serves as the Secretary of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan, manipulated the minutes of its meetings, and No need to repeat here.”

    He wrote, “Jawad Paul has undermined the integrity and independence of the Supreme Court by fixing certain matters in court for urgent hearing, and even at times when they are not counted and/or are subject to objection,” he wrote, including that the sample that emerges means that instances during which the now-former prime minister and/or his political occasion have been/have an interest have been fastened for pressing listening to, however delayed in opposition to them. have been determined from or are but to be determined.

    “Honorable Chief Justice, I request you to remove the Registrar before causing further irreparable damage to the institute,” he stated, including that he’s copying this letter to all involved and the federal government because the Registrar is a bureaucrat. on deputation and his providers are ruled and ruled by the principles and laws in drive by the Government.


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