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January 6 Uprising: Minute by Minute


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    Here’s a timeline of a few of the most vital moments from January sixth, based mostly on reporting from CNN and others, Congressional testimony, court docket filings from the Justice Department, and extra. Time is approximate and these occasions seize solely a part of what occurred that day.

    7:30 am

    Meadows texts Representative Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican who supported Trump’s efforts to reverse the election, in line with Texts. Retrieved by CNN. Meadows instructed Jordan, “I’ve pushed for it,” responding to a textual content that Jordan despatched the evening earlier than, presiding over congressional certification of the Electoral College outcomes for Vice President Mike Pence, calling the election. The reversal was advocated. Meadows additionally tells Jordan that he “isn’t sure that’s going to happen.”

    9:24 am

    trump talking on the phone with Jordan for about 10 minutes, in line with white house call logs which have been obtained by The Washington Post.

    9:52 am

    Trump spoke to senior adviser Stephen Miller for 26 minutes white house call logs which have been obtained by The Washington Post.

    earlier than 10 am

    White House Deputy Chief of Staff Tony Ornato According to Hutchinson’s testimony, informs Trump that officers within the Ellipse, the place Trump was going to carry a rally, confronted attendees with weapons together with pistols, rifles, bear spray and spears.

    round 10:15 am

    Hutchinson and Ornato inform Meadows of armed members of the horde forming on the Ellipse, Hutchinson’s testimony, Hutchinson instructed lawmakers that Meadows had little response when she instructed the group about reviews about weapons.

    10:47 am

    Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani started his speech on the Ellipse rally, urging lawmakers to reverse the election, and telling the group, “Let’s test by contest.” giuliani shares the platform With one other right-wing lawyer, John Eastman, architect Trump-backed plan for Pence to reverse the outcomes by presiding over that day’s joint session of Congress, the place lawmakers certify the Electoral College winner.

    earlier than 12 midday

    Trump instructed his employees to “take the f***ing mags away,” referring to the metallic detectors on the safety line for his Ellipse rally, as a result of the rallygoers “were not here to hurt me,” in line with Hutchinson’s testimony, Hutchinson mentioned Trump wished to extend the scale of the group.

    12:00 PM

    Trump begins his speech within the Ellipse, the place he repeats a lot of his election lies and publicly pressures Pence to associate with Eastman’s legally doubtful plan.

    round 1 o’clock

    Pro-Trump rioters – together with members of the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group – rose up Take the primary set of obstacles exterior the capitol and begin working in the direction of the constructing. Top White House employees, together with Meadows, are instantly alerted by the US Secret Service that the police line on the Capitol is collapsing, in line with Hutchinson’s testimony.

    1:10 pm

    As he completed his speech within the Ellipse, Trump Call For supporters to “walk down Pennsylvania Avenue” and march to the Capitol. He additionally tells the group that he can be strolling with them. Around the identical time, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican and Trump aide, calls Hutchinson and angrily tells him to not let Trump into the Capitol, in line with Hutchinson’s testimony.

    1:19 pm

    Trump returns to the White House. During the quick drive again from the Ellipse, Trump turns into enraged and calls for to go to the Capitol, however his safety workforce members refuse to take him there, according to Hutchinsonwho testified that he was instructed in regards to the trade by Ornato and one other member of Trump’s safety element.

    round 2 pm

    Capital continues lockdown As earlier than a few of the rioters ransacked the constructing. Back on the White House, White House counsel Cipollone instructed Meadows that Trump wanted to take motion to cease the rioting, and that “something needs to be done or people are going to die,” in line with Hutchinson’s testimony.

    2:13 pm

    The Senate abruptly adjourns amid debate over the GOP’s objection to Biden’s electoral votes from Arizona.

    2:14 pm

    in one of the crucial infamous scenery Rebellion’s, QAnon Supporter doug jensen The US Capitol places Police Officer Eugene Goodman in peril, who cleverly shuns Jensen to the close by Senate flooring.

    round 2:15 pm

    At the White House, Cipollone once more instructed Meadows that Trump ought to intervene. According to Hutchinson’s testimony, Meadows responded by telling Trump “doesn’t want to do anything” in regards to the riots, and Trump agrees with the rioters who have been searching for the execution of Pence.

    2:24 pm

    trump criticism of In a tweet, Pence criticized Pence for refusing to implement his unlawful plan to reverse the election whereas presiding over a joint session of Congress.

    2:28 pm

    Georgia Republican and pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green instructed Meadows through textual content that she “should tell the president to calm down” in line with the messages. Retrieved by CNN.

    2:30 pm

    US Capitol Police started eradicating lawmakers from the House and Senate chambers, and the Secret Service fired Pence from the ground of the Senate, the place he was presiding.

    2:32 pm

    According to messages obtained by CNN, Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who promoted a lot of Trump’s election lies, conveyed to Meadows that “the president needs to tell the people at the Capitol to go home.”

    2:35 pm

    Trump’s former appearing chief of employees Mick Mulvaney texts Meadows saying Trump “needs to stop this now,” and affords to assist in line with messages Retrieved by CNN.

    2:38 pm

    trump Tweets that the rioters ought to “keep calm” however not ask them to depart the Capitol.

    2:39 pm

    Some of the primary capital window is damaged Dominic Pezzola, an alleged proud boy, who has been charged with conspiracy to commit treason. (He pleaded not responsible to expenses associated to the assault.) More pro-Trump rioters Flooding into the Capitol constructing after crossing barricades, preventing previous law enforcement officials, and climbing the opening scaffolding.

    round 2:40 pm

    A gaggle of Oath Keepers – a far-right extremist group – weaves by way of the rioters in a military-style formation and enters the Capitol constructing. There have been many members of the group charged up With a seditious plot.

    2:44 pm

    Trump supporter rioter Ashley Babitt fatally shot A police officer tried to interrupt into the Speaker’s foyer, which is adjoining to the ground of the House, whereas the MLAs have been shifting out. At the identical time, Georgia Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk, who supported the annulment of Biden’s victory in his state, instructed Meadows, “It’s really bad here on the hill,” in line with messages. Retrieved by CNN.

    round 2:45 pm

    Pro-Trump rioters invade the Senate flooring and break into Office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    2:53 pm

    Donald Trump Jr. texted Meadows, “They have to condemn this bullshit. Asp. Captiol (sic) police tweet isn’t enough,” in line with messages. Retrieved by CNN. Meadows replies, “I’m pushing it a lot. I agree.”

    someday earlier than 3 pm

    trump talks on the phone As CNN reviews, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who pleads with Trump to clear the group however Trump takes the facet of the rioters, tells McCarthy that he cares extra in regards to the election outcomes.

    round 3 o’clock

    White House aides drafted a press release to launch Trump, which might have condemned the violence and “illegal” actions of the rioters. Hutchinson’s testimony. The assertion was by no means launched.

    3:09 pm

    Trump’s former chief of employees Reince Priebus messaged Meadows, “Tell them to go home!!!,” in line with the messages Retrieved by CNN.

    3:13 pm

    trump Tweets That his supporters ought to “remain peaceful” on the Capitol, however once more doesn’t ask him to depart the premises. At the identical time, Trump’s former well being secretary Tom Price texted Meadows saying, “POTUS must be on air and defuse it,” in line with the messages. Retrieved by CNN.

    3:15 pm

    President’s daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump calls rioters “patriots” Tweetand tells them that “the violence must stop,” however doesn’t say that they need to go away the Capitol.

    3:31 pm

    Fox News host Sean Hannity, who perpetrated a lot of Trump’s election lies, texts Meadows, “Can he make a statement. I saw the tweet. Messages purportedly ask people to leave the capital in peace,” Retrieved by CNN. Meadows replies, “On this.”

    4:05 pm

    According to messages Trump Jr. wrote to Meadows, “We need an oval address. He has to lead now. It’s gone too far and got out of hand.” obtained by CNN, A couple of minutes later, Trump Jr. despatched one other message, “Now Biden is punching us.”

    4:15 pm

    Biden saves In a televised handle, which known as the assault on the Capitol “on treason”, and known as on Trump to ask his supporters to “end this siege.”

    4:17 pm

    trump tweets a videoWhere he tells the rioters “you have to go home now,” however he additionally praises them and repeats the lie that fueled the assault – that the 2020 election was stolen.

    6:01 pm

    trump Tweets That “these are the things and events that happen when a holy landslide electoral victory is so ruthlessly and viciously snatched away from great patriots.”

    round 8 o’clock

    The US Capitol Police publicizes that the Capitol Building is safe. Senate reconstituted, and Pence Return Telling the stage, “To those who wreak havoc in our Capitol today, you won’t.” The chamber’s prime Republican, Sen. Mitch McConnell, calls the occasions of the day a “Failed rebellion.”

    8:39 pm

    Trump spoke with Giuliani on the cellphone for 9 minutes white house call logs which have been obtained by The Washington Post.

    9:02 pm

    The home is reconstituted.

    10:11 pm

    Senate vote to reject Objections raised by GOP lawmakers to Arizona’s electoral vote rely, which was awarded to Biden as a result of he gained the favored vote in that state.

    10:19 pm

    Trump spoke for seven minutes with former White House strategist Steve Bannon white house call logsThe hat was obtained by The Washington Post.

    11:08 pm

    Trump talks to Hannity for eight minutes white house call logs which have been obtained by The Washington Post.

    11:10 pm

    House vote to reject Objections raised by GOP lawmakers to Arizona’s electoral vote rely, which was awarded to Biden as a result of he gained the favored vote in that state.

    January 7, 2021

    12:40 am

    Senate vote to reject Objection raised by GOP lawmakers to Pennsylvania’s electoral vote rely, which was awarded to Biden as a result of he gained the favored vote in that state.

    3:10 am

    House vote to reject Objection raised by GOP lawmakers to Pennsylvania’s electoral vote rely, which was awarded to Biden as a result of he gained the favored vote in that state.

    3:42 am

    formally the pence certified Biden’s victory and the joint session of Congress are about to finish.

    CNN’s Holmes Lybrand contributed to this story.


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