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Government not concerned in audio leak: Shahbaz to media


    Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.  — PTV News/ScreenGrab
    Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. — PTV News/ScreenGrab

    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday stated that the federal government is just not concerned within the audio leak, saying audio tapes of PTI and the coalition authorities have been popping out for the previous few days however the authorities has nothing to do with them.

    Addressing the difficulty of cyber linked to alleged international conspiracy throughout a press convention at PM House, the Prime Minister stated that it has “hurt the reputation of the country internationally”.

    “If I was involved in the audio leak of PTI leaders, why would I release myself?” They stated.

    “Who is going to come to the PM House and speak confidently with the PM?” The premier questioned, including that such losses plague the nation for many years.

    Criticizing PTI chairman Imran Khan for pushing the nation in direction of anarchy by cyber conspiracy, the prime minister stated that “there is no doubt that Khan carried forward the conspiracy.”

    “After the audio leaks related to the cipher, there is no doubt as to who was behind the conspiracy,” the PM stated, enjoying with the nation on the pretext of cyber and terming it because the “worst form of dishonesty” with Pakistan.

    Accusing PTI of injuring the nation’s dignity, he stated, “The country has seen the faces of thugs.”

    “Let’s go back to April 3 when the no-confidence motion was to be voted on and everyone knows the events that happened on that day. But I just want to tell what really happened that day,” he stated.

    The premier reported that the then deputy speaker of the National Assembly, Qasim Suri, who was presiding over the proceedings on behalf of then speaker Asad Qaiser, had given permission to the knowledge minister. [Fawad Chaudhry] To communicate earlier than the beginning of the voting at the moment.

    He learn out an announcement which talked about {that a} conspiracy was hatched towards the PTI authorities and termed it as a “foreign conspiracy”.

    “On this, Suri sahib refused to allow the voting process without taking the opposition into confidence,” PM Shahbaz stated, including that the “voice and cries of the opposition were ignored.”

    The PM stated that very quickly, Imran Khan appeared on tv screens and introduced that he was dissolving the National Assembly, “surprisingly within 20 minutes the summary was also passed by the President of Pakistan.”

    “I am not repeating events. I just want to share the link of the whole conspiracy,” he clarified.

    Taking a jibe at President Alvi, the Premier stated that the President, who takes days and weeks to approve the abstract concerning the appointment of the Governor of Punjab, handed the abstract concerning the dissolution of the legislatures inside 20 minutes .

    “This was the basis of the conspiracy that Khan has been playing for the last five months and wasting the nation’s time,” stated PM Shahbaz, including that on account of his wrongdoings, the nation’s relations with the world’s largest powers have deteriorated. Were. Compromised.

    Recalling that a number of “baseless allegations” had been leveled towards a number of coalition authorities leaders throughout this era, he stated: “You can say whatever you want, but call someone a traitor. […] There is no bigger conspiracy than this.”

    “On the Table of the Lower House, I said that if God forbid this conspiracy is proved against me or the coalition, then the country has the right to hang me.”

    Speaking concerning the audio leaks that had purportedly surfaced of Khan and his former federal ministers lately, the premier stated the leaks had uncovered the reality of the PTI chief.

    “He can be heard saying that it was a game […] He can be heard saying that the minutes of the meeting should be made as per his wish. He played with the confidence of the country. The country’s prestige was hurt in such a way that no such example is found in history. […] This is nothing short of treason,” Shahbaz claimed, including that Khan performed a “serious game with the country”.

    “I am asking you all, is there any doubt as to who was behind the conspiracy?”

    PM Shahbaz stated he was making an handle as we speak to “sensitize the country” towards “the biggest liars of the country”, alleging that Imran could sacrifice the nation for his private acquire.

    “Did I give NRO to his sister Alima Khan?” He questioned, including that the nation solely noticed how Khan’s property in New York and Dubai weren’t declared.

    He stated: “A person who is a trustee of Namal University and Shaukat Khanum Hospital, and gets a clean chit from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), isn’t it an NRO?”

    PM Shahbaz stated that the ultimate choice is to be taken by the 22 crore folks of Pakistan who they need to help after all of the incorrect intentions of the leaked audio.

    ‘The nation will likely be ruined’

    “I am a sinner, but I will never lie to the country,” he stated, including that if he spoke incorrect, the nation might maintain him accountable.

    PM Shahbaz warned that if Khan involves energy as soon as once more, “the country will be devastated”. The premier additional stated that the PTI chief has repeatedly defamed Pakistan.

    “lying, deceiving, and conspiring” [Khan’s] Patriotism and management?” he asked, the person who says he is perfect, dies his own death.

    Highlighting the return of PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, he said: “When Mian comes, he may even carry prosperity with him.”

    ‘Government cannot decode ciphers’

    Responding to a question, the premier said the cipher – which Khan claims is the details of a foreign conspiracy to oust him from power – cannot be decoded by the government.

    “If that is the case, then all of the cables from all of the embassies may very well be leaked or stolen,” he explained. PM Shahbaz reiterated that the prime minister’s cyber copy – also known as the master copy – had gone missing.

    The PM also revealed that the cabinet had decided to investigate the audio leak, adding that their investigation had already been initiated. “We Will Tell the Nation” [the findings] With complete transparency.”

    ‘Decision on appointment of Army Chief will likely be as per regulation’

    The prime minister insisted that the appointment of the following military chief – upcoming in November – can be finished in accordance with the structure.

    “This [the appointment] There is a process in regulation and structure and choice will likely be taken accordingly.


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