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Gift of immovable property to minor can’t be cancelled: SC | The Express Tribune



The Supreme Court has dominated that the reward of immovable property by a father in favor of his minor son can’t be annulled below Islamic regulation.

The courtroom additionally held that there is no such thing as a must switch possession in case of reward by the daddy to his minor little one or by the guardian to his ward, whereas sections 123 and 129 of the Transfer of Property Act don’t apply to Hiba. reward) envisaged below Muslim regulation.

A 3-judge bench of the apex courtroom headed by Justice Sajjad Ali Shah dominated on the query whether or not the reward of immovable property in favor of a minor little one (deedar) by a donor (father/pure guardian) below Islamic regulation has gone. The 12 months 1952 could possibly be annulled even after handing over the possession of the property by the daddy in 1970 (about 18 years later) which was accepted by the actual mom on behalf of such minor.

Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar, writing the 12-page judgment, held that when the donor and the didi are associated throughout the prohibited diploma, the reward given can’t be annulled.

The judgment additionally held that if the didi was a minor on the time of giving the reward, the acceptance of the reward could possibly be made by her guardian and primarily as a result of solely the didi is a minority, the actual fact of the reward given by her is that of the pure guardian. doesn’t stop to exist however stays legitimate upon the achievement of all of the components of a sound reward.

“A minor didi may not have the capacity to understand the legal consequences as in the case where the didi was only five years old when her father uttered the gift but the minor existed and was thus a competent sister . “

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“According to all ideologies below Muslim regulation, a father is acknowledged and accepted because the pure guardian of his little one, though in hand, the donor was the daddy and the reward was accepted on his behalf by the actual mom of the didi. Even if the reward was not accepted by the mom, it might haven’t any prejudicial impact or impact on the reward made by the daddy in favor of his minor son.

The courtroom additionally held that if a guardian makes a present in favor of his little one, declares the reward because the giver and accepts the reward on behalf of the didi, the supply of possession is just not necessary supplied that there’s a real Must intend on the a part of the guardian/actual father to detach from his possession and provides it to the didi with love and affection.

The order states that in response to the authoritative and dependable texts on Muslim regulation, if the didi is the minor son of the donor, the supply of possession is in itself not inflexible or compulsory, as seen within the case of others made below the Hiba. can go.

The courtroom additionally held that the possession of the guardian is tantamount to the possession of the minor and no separate proof is required to show that the guardian has handed over the possession of the property to the minor. In this regard, DF Mulla in his guide “Principles of Muhammadan Law” makes a transparent rationalization, in Annotation No. 155, that in case of reward by a father to his minor little one, switch of possession is just not required or by a guardian to his personal little one. for the ward. It says to ascertain a real intention to ship what is required.

The courtroom stated that it’s a matter of report and an incontrovertible fact that Makhdoom Haider Baksh (December) had two wives, Iqbal Begum and Dolat Begum. From Mist. Iqbal Begum has a daughter Zahida Parveen and a son Muhammad Yusuf (beneficiaries of reward mutation within the current record). While from Dolat, Begum has two daughters, named Sajida Parveen and Khaleda Parveen and 5 sons, named Alamdar Hussain, Sajid Hussain, Shaukat Hussain, Abid Hussain and Sabir Hussain. The current petitioners are from the second spouse (Dolat Begum), however out of the seven authorized heirs of the second spouse, solely three have challenged the High Court order handed within the second enchantment. The second marriage was contracted after the reward was given on 19.1.1952 and the reward was annulled by a registered contract on 25.1.1952, after about 18 years with out the consent of the sister and with none decree of the courtroom .

The revocation on the pretext of not handing over the possession was unlawful, whereas within the mutation recorded on 19.1.1952, the donor particularly recorded his assertion that he had handed over the possession to the giver, who was then apparently a minor, subsequently On his half, the possession was accepted by his actual mom, subsequently, all subsequent proceedings or steps taken below the guise of revocation of the reward have been unlawful because the cancellation deed was non-permanent. In the eyes of the regulation and in a vacuum.

The courtroom cited a Hidayat which states, “If a person gifts anything to his relationship within a prohibited degree, it is not lawful for him to resume it, because the Prophet said, “When The reward is given to the forbidden relationship, it shouldn’t be resumed; And additionally as a result of the article of the reward is to extend the ties of intimacy, which is thus achieved.”

The courtroom noticed that the giving of presents, whether or not massive or small, is an act of kindness and compassion, and is to some extent love and affection between the dad and mom and the youngsters. According to Hedaya, “hiba”, in its literal sense, refers to a donation of one thing that may profit a sister; In the language of regulation it means a switch of property, accomplished instantly, and with none change.” Whereas, according to Amir Ali, “a hiba, pure and easy, refers to some particular property (whether or not current in substance or chosen in motion). as) with out consideration, is voluntary switch”.

According to Mulla, “Hibah or gift is “the transfer of property, made immediately and without any exchange,” by one particular person to a different, and accepted by or on behalf of the latter. Whereas in response to Fyzee , “Hiba” is the fast and irrevocable switch of a corpus of property with none return. According to Sir Abdul Rahim, “Muhammad regulation defines Hiba or a easy reward inter vivo because the switch of a sure asset with out an change “. A similar definition is provided by Bailey “Gift (hibt.), as outlined in regulation, is to confer with out change of property rights in a selected object”. Similarly, sahih According to Muslim, “Hibah is outlined because the switch of possession of property, movable and immovable, from one particular person to a different voluntarily and with out reward”.

The judgment held that the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 has no utility for reward envisaged and envisaged below Muslim regulation and subsequently sections 123 and 129 of the Transfer of Property Act can’t be exceeded or taken ahead. Can’t and may’t take it any additional. Cases of oral presents thought-about below Muslim regulation for which a registered instrument or contract is just not necessary.

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All orthodox and clear interpretations and interpretations based mostly on Islamic jurisprudence than “Hiba” have clearly emphasised and underlined the truth that the giver should be compos mantis, which suggests an individual who’s of sound thoughts and Has psychological capability to grasp. the authorized implications of his act of giving the reward and that he should be the principal and proprietor of the property that the reward is meant to be given; The gifted merchandise should have been in existence on the time of Hiba; The gifted merchandise should be such that it brings profit which is lawful below the Shari’ah; The Donor should be free from any coercion/ stress or undue affect whereas giving the reward; The gifted merchandise should come into the possession of the sister herself or by means of her consultant/guardian for an efficient HIBA.

“Under Muslim regulation, the constituents and constituents of a lawful reward are the tender, acceptance and possession of property. A Muslim can switch his property below Muslim regulation by means of inter vivos (reward) or by means of will (will).

Islamic regulation doesn’t make any distinction between movable or immovable property with respect to the idea of hiba, however moderately any property that may be gifted by any one who has the precise to be gifted with a purpose to fulfill the required formalities. There is possession and dominion over property.

“It is also imperative that the giver completely dissociates himself from the dominion and ownership of the gifted property and clearly and unequivocally words his express intention to convey ownership to the donee with the distribution of possession of the property.” and ensures that the didi has acquired materials dominion over the property to represent the supply of possession.”


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