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Forget the Eiffel Tower. Here’s Where the French Travel in France


    International vacationers could desire visits to the Eiffel Tower and Louvre when visiting France.

    But French residents produce other concepts.

    Border restrictions throughout the pandemic largely gave locals the possibility to discover their nation with out overseas vacationers, which numbered about 90 million in 2019.

    France didn’t miss the chance. More than two-thirds of French residents traveled in 2021, with 84% of France’s metropolitan residents opting to remain throughout the nation, in keeping with French tourism advertising analysis agency Raffour Interactif.

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    where to travel in france

    region territory For
    BrittanySaint-Malo, Cancale, QuiberonCooking, Wide Open Space
    novel aquitainebiarritzSeaside Resort, Basque Culture
    Cote d’Azur (French Riviera)Cannes, NiceNature, Outdoors, Active Vacations
    BurgundyDijon, Beaune, Maconnahcooking, wine
    Source: Accor

    Source: Accor

    In the southern a part of the nation, the well-known French Riviera — particularly the stylish coastal areas close to Cannes and Nice — entice native guests for a similar causes, she mentioned.

    whereas Covid outweighs tourism in French PolynesiaSome islands near the mainland attracted many native vacationers, Bailey mentioned. The le de Rey, off France’s west coast, did nicely due to its proximity to Paris – it is lower than 5 hours by automobile, she mentioned – whereas guests north of Belle le had been “super famous, luxurious”. Went to the island as nicely, in addition to Corsica to the south.

    “When people are going to Corsica…they’re messaging me [saying] He said, ‘There is no use going to Maldives because the water looks the same.’ She spoke to CNBC from the Htel Molitor Paris-MG Gallery where, she said, many Parisians were enjoying the stay.

    The Sofitel Golfe d’Ajaccio Thalassa Sea and Spa Hotel is located in southern Corsica.

    Source: Accor

    From skiing in the Pyrenees As for diving in the Mediterranean, it’s the diversity of landscapes and experiences in France—which is almost twice the size of Colorado—that makes it so popular, Bailey said.

    “I believe the richness of this small country – with so many different possibilities for entertainment and vacation in just one place – is a little unique,” ​​she said.

    Secrets and ‘Little Gems’

    Most of the places beloved by the French eventually become popular with foreign tourists, Bailey said.

    But there is one exception, at least for now. Alsace Wine Route,

    “You can just go to Strasbourg and then start by car, jumping from village to village and just tasting and exploring the wines, the castles… the landscape,” she said. “It’s fairly a secret.”

    The small village of Dambach-la-Ville along the Alsace wine route.

    Alexander Sorokopud | moment | Getty Images

    The secret is out at places like Beaune and Macon in Burgundy’s world-renowned wine region. Both were popular among domestic travelers last year, she said.

    Before the pandemic, about 60% of France’s wine tourists were domestic travelers, said Martin Lhuillier, head of wine tourism at Etout France, the country’s tourism development agency.

    One of his top “insider ideas” is to visit the village of Chateau-Chalon, one of France’s smallest wine regions, the Jura, he said. There, visitors can try the “coronary heart and soul” of the area – its win johnor pale wine.

    Both Bailly and Lhuillier recommend the French department of the Dordogne. Located between the Loire Valley and the Pyrenees, Lhuillier said, it has “obscure pure jewels” such as Bergerac and Durrs.

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    Although it’s less chic than other parts of France, the Dordogne is a place “the place you possibly can actually benefit from the French artwork de vivre, gastronomy and nature,” Bailey said.

    France’s “artwork de vivre” – literally “the artwork of residing” – is part of the reason why France has been one of the most popular destinations for international travelers for decades. The emphasis on enjoying life is ubiquitous – along the boulevards of Paris, within the rooms of the Palace of Versailles, and inside country restaurants, which collectively have more Michelin stars than any other country in the world.

    But Bailey said it is in “extra secret, discreet locations” that travelers can truly “loosen up and reconnect with the French lifestyle.”

    ‘Most beautiful’ village

    Another location in the Dordogne, Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, is one of the newest villages on the list.most beautiful villages in france,

    The list, which began 40 years ago, names 168 villages of exceptional heritage and beauty. Each is evaluated on 30 criteria, including heritage sites and architecture as well as small details such as hidden electrical wires. According to the list’s website, the chances of making the list are less than 1-in-5.

    Southern France has the highest concentration of these villages, with more than 75% being located in the provinces of Nouvelle Aquitaine, Occitanie and Provence-Alpes-Cte-d’Azur.

    The television show “Le Village Prefere des Français” – or “The Favorite Village of the French” – also draws visitors to lesser-known places in the country. Each year fourteen villages are shortlisted – one in each region in France – the winner is crowned by a public vote.

    Last year’s winner attracted more tourists: The small hill town of Sainsre, which is one of the most recognizable appellations for French Sauvignon Blanc.

    The same is likely to happen for bergheimA village along the Alsace Wine Route was crowned this year’s winner on Wednesday.

    After being chosen as the most beautiful village in France, Sansre saw an increase in domestic tourism in 2021.

    Julian Elliot Photography | Stone | Getty Images

    Bailey said that travelers can make the entire journey around these villages.

    “It’s a extra non-public, homely, cultural approach of taking a look at France,” she said. “It’s not Saint-Tropez, it is not Mont Saint-Michel or the Eiffel Tower, however it’s additionally France with the richness of its historical past.”


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