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Cabinet clears probe towards Imran Khan over audio leak on US cyber


    PTI President and former Prime Minister Imran Khan.  — Twitter/@ImranKhanPTI
    PTI President and former Prime Minister Imran Khan. — Twitter/@ImranKhanPTI

    The federal cupboard has determined to formally provoke authorized motion towards former prime minister Imran Khan after the most recent audio leak purportedly exhibits him and different PTI leaders in a dialogue about an American cyber assault.

    In what got here as a stunning revelation, in two audio leaks, PTI chairman Imran Khan, Asad Umar after which precept secretary Azam Khan could be heard purportedly discussing US cyber and utilizing it in their very own curiosity.

    In the primary audio leak that surfaced on Wednesday (September 28), Imran Khan was heard instructing Azam Khan to “just play” with Cyber, and responding to this, the latter suggested the ex-prime minister to Can pretend the minutes of a gathering. Qureshi and Foreign Secretary Sohail Mehmood to carry cyber on file.

    On 30 September, the federal cupboard took cognizance of the matter and arrange a committee to analyze the contents of the audio leak. The committee on October 1 advisable authorized motion on alleged audio leaks of Imran Khan, Azam Khan and others. Meanwhile, a abstract of the physique’s suggestions was offered earlier than the cupboard.

    “It is a matter of national security which has serious implications for national interests and a legal action in this regard is important,” the cupboard committee advisable.

    The federal cupboard authorised the abstract by means of circulation. The investigation into American cyber and audio reportedly that includes Imran Khan and others shall be handed over to the FIA.

    Transcript of the second leaked audio:

    Imran Khan: Shah [Shah Mahmood Qureshi]we three [Imran Khan, Azam Khan and you] have a gathering with the international secretary tomorrow [Sohail Mahmood], [In the meeting], we are going to ask him to take a seat quietly and write down the minutes of the assembly as it’s. azam [Khan] asking to write down minutes […] And we are going to preserve the photostat.

    Aajam Khan: This cipher got here on 7, 8 or 9 [March],

    different individual [present in the meeting]: It got here on the eighth.

    Imran Khan: But the assembly was held on the seventh. We needn’t title Americans underneath any circumstances. So please nobody ought to take nation’s title on this concern. This is essential for all of you. Which nation did the letter come from? I do not wish to hear it from anybody.

    asad umri: Are you calling it a letter deliberately? Because this isn’t a letter, it’s a transcript of the assembly.

    Imran Khan: It’s the identical factor, whether or not it is a assembly transcript or a letter. People will not perceive what a transcript is. You should say this in your rallies.

    American Conspiracy: First Audio

    In the primary audio clip, Emraan is purportedly heard saying: “We only have to play on it. We don’t need to name (any country). We just have to play with it, that this date was earlier. The new thing that will come out is that letter…. Then, another voice, believed to be Azam’s, is heard, which suggests Imran to organize a meeting on cyber.

    “Look, in the event you bear in mind, the ambassador has written a demarcation (ship) on the finish. Even although the demarcation is to not be despatched; I’ve thought of it quite a bit at night time – you mentioned they picked it up – I assumed it How to cowl the whole lot,” he says.

    He provides: “Let’s have a meeting with Shah Mehmood Qureshi (who was the foreign minister during the tenure of the PTI-led government) and the foreign secretary. Shah Mehmood Qureshi will read that letter and whatever he reads will be converted into a copy. Then I will make the minute that the Foreign Secretary has prepared it.

    “But it (cipher) has to be analyzed here,” he said. We will analyze and convert it in minutes as we wish so that it becomes official record,” says Azam after which elaborates that the evaluation will conclude that it’s an oblique risk: “It known as a risk in diplomatic parlance. Is. ,

    Azam reportedly says that “the minutes are in my palms… we are going to draft the minutes.” Here, Imran is reportedly heard asking who will be called to the meeting: “Shah Mehmood, you, me and Sohail.”

    That’s what the other person says. “We’ll do it tomorrow,” the man supposedly replies, Imran. In turn, Azam’s voice is believed to be heard explaining that following this plan, “issues will develop into a part of the file. Consider that he’s the consulate for the state. When he reads it, I’ll simply copy it and it is going to be on file that it occurred.”

    Furthermore, he suggests that “you (allegedly Imran) name the international secretary in order that it doesn’t stay political and turns into a part of the bureaucratic file.” To this, the person believed to be Imran states that an ambassador has written the cipher, which means it must already be part of the bureaucratic record as it is written by an envoy.

    “But we do not have a replica of it. How did they launch it?” The individual on the opposite finish is heard replying to Imran. Meanwhile, Home Minister Rana Sanaullah mentioned that the federal government will conduct a forensic audit of the leaked audio of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and PTI President Imran Khan.


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