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Biden pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in London


The president stated on Sunday that the Queen was “the same as her image in person – decent, dignified and all about service.”

Biden stated after signing one, “We’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of consequential people. But I can say that the ones who stand out most to you in your mind are the ones whose relationships and interactions with you are up to their reputation.” ” Condolence book Sunday evening.

Biden, who has often spoken about his loss, offered condolences to the royal family and the entire United Kingdom, saying: “It’s a loss that leaves an enormous gap, and typically you may assume you are going via it.” Will never be able to take away. But as I have told the king, she is going to be with him every step of the way.”

Biden stated the Queen reminded him of his late mom due to his habits, saying, “She had that look, like, ‘Are you okay? Can I do something for you? What do you want?’ Also, ‘Make sure you’re doing what you have to do.'”

Biden took his time to signal a protracted message within the condolence e book that learn, “She treated everyone with respect and dignity. Jill and I were honored to meet her and feel her warmth.” Our hearts exit to the Royal Family and the individuals of the United Kingdom.”

Jill Biden, Joe told CNN On Sunday she is overwhelmed by the love and respect she sees for the Queen in London, with the leader at Lancaster House signing a separate condolence book for the spouses. She wrote, in part, “Queen Elizabeth II lived her life for these she served with knowledge and charm. We will always remember her heat, kindness and the dialog we shared.”

The Bidens were first joined by the US ambassador to Britain, Jane Hartley, during her visit to Westminster Hall. The President was seen making the sign of the cross.

The Bidens also attended a reception at Buckingham Palace on Sunday evening for the arrival of foreign leaders hosted by Britain’s new King Charles III.

Jill Biden told CNN that her interactions with Charles and the royal family at the reception were strictly about the Queen.

“We actually talked in regards to the girl, and who she was, and what she actually meant to the entire world,” Biden said, noting the human toll of grief to Charles.

President Joe Biden, with First Lady Jill Biden, signs a condolence book at Lancaster House in London.

The president arrived in London late Saturday on a two-day go to to honor the long-reigning monarch, which he says has “outlined an period.”

Biden is joining leaders of dozens of other countries to pay respects to the late sovereign, whom he met last year and later reminded him of his mother.

For Biden, it is a moment to reflect on a monarch who embodied a commitment to public service and whose life reflects the major historical events of the past 100 years.

Biden and the Queen first met in 1982, when as a young senator, Biden’s own Irish American mother instructed him: “Don’t bow all the way down to him.”

He didn’t budge, or when he met the Queen as president last year while attending the Group of 7 summit in England. But his respect for a woman whose consistency over the past century on the world stage was unparalleled is clear.

“She was an ideal girl. We’re so glad we met her,” Biden said on the day she died.

The Queen’s surprise decision to travel to the Cornish coast to meet world leaders at last year’s G7 summit was a sign of her desire to engage in global affairs.

That weekend, when he hosted Biden and the first lady for tea at Windsor Castle, he inquired about two authoritarian leaders, President Xi Jinping of China and Vladimir Putin of Russia, the president later told reporters. Told.

“I cherished his sense of curiosity,” Jill Biden told CNN on Sunday about the time he spent alone with the Queen. “She wished to know every little thing about American politics, so she requested query after query.”

At Sunday evening’s reception, the president saw Charles for the first time since becoming king. The two have met before and spoke on the phone last week.

As Prince of Wales, Charles was a passionate campaigner for some of the issues Biden has also championed, including combating climate change. It remains to be seen how involved the new king will be on the issues to come.

Relatively close in age – Charles is 73, Biden is 79 – the two men have a shared experience of being in the public eye for decades before taking over their current roles as heads of state.

The White House said, on his call with King, Biden expressed “the American individuals’s nice admiration for the Queen, whose dignity and fidelity have deepened the enduring friendship and particular relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.” “President Biden expressed his need to proceed an in depth relationship with King.”

Security in the British capital is at its highest in memory as Biden and dozens of other world leaders call to remember the late Queen, Who met with 13 current US Presidents during his reign.

White House aides have declined to provide specific security details for the president’s visit, but say they are working well with their British counterparts to ensure that demands for presidential security are met. Are.

Planning for the Queen’s funeral has dragged on for years, leaving US advisers more aware of what will happen in the coming days as security arrangements are made. The White House said it had only received invitations for the President and First Lady to create a slimmed-down American footprint.

Biden traveled to London on Air Force One with his national security adviser, communications director and other personal aides.

When news surfaced last week that world leaders would be required to ride a bus to the funeral, US officials were skeptical and dismissed Biden’s suggestion that he would travel to Westminster Abbey in a coach.

In 2018, when other world leaders traveled together in a bus to the World War I memorial in Paris, then US President Donald Trump traveled separately in his vehicle. The White House explained at the time that the separate visit was “as a result of safety protocols”.

The Queen’s death came at a moment of economic and political upheaval for the United Kingdom. A new prime minister, Liz Truss, entered office after months of uncertainty following her predecessor Boris Johnson’s decision to step down.

Truss invited several world leaders to meet in person at 10 Downing Street this weekend. With only a little over a week in this role, it will be Truss’s first time meeting face-to-face with many of his foreign counterparts.

While his office initially said Biden would be among the leaders to visit Downing Street, it was later announced that Truss and the president would meet on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Wednesday for formal bilateral talks.

Several issues are currently testing the US-UK “particular relationship”, which has been repeatedly declared In the days after the death of the queen,

The long-reigning monarch died just two days after Truss formally accepted the Queen’s appointment as prime minister at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Since then, the country has been in a formal state of mourning.

The truce inherited a deepening economic crisis, fueled by high inflation and rising energy costs, which raised fears that Britain could soon enter a protracted recession. The challenges have been heightened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has created volatility in the oil and gas markets.

While some in the Biden administration shed tears over Johnson’s resignation – Biden once described him as a “bodily and emotional clone” of Trump – the US and UK remained deeply involved in the approach to Russia under his leadership.

White House officials expect cooperation under the truss to continue, even if it comes under pressure to ease economic pressure at home.

What is less certain, however, is whether Truss’s harsh approach to Brexit will sour relations with Biden. The President has taken a personal interest in the special issue of the Northern Ireland Protocol, a post-Brexit arrangement that requires additional checks on goods moving between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

The rules were designed to keep the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland open and to avoid a return to sectarian violence. But the truce has gone on to rewrite those rules, causing deep concern in both Brussels and Washington.

Biden, who frequently mentions his Irish ancestry, has made his views clear on the issue, although it does not directly involve the United States. Congressional Democrats have similarly expressed concern over any move to restart the Northern Ireland conflict.

According to the White House, in his first phone call as counterparts earlier this month, Biden took up the matter with Truss. A US readout of their talks said they discussed the “shared dedication to defending the advantages of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and the significance of reaching a negotiated settlement with the European Union on the Northern Ireland Protocol.”

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