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Analysis: Why the US will not be sending troops to Ukraine


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sanctions against russia And support to Ukraine has come from many instructions. But deploying troops on the bottom in Ukraine, which is not a member of natoThere is a line the US and different Western allies are unwilling to cross.
US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield informed CNN’s Dana Bash:state of the Union“On Sunday that the Biden administration” made it clear that the US “will not put shoes on the ground.”

“We’re not going to put American troops in danger,” she mentioned.

But what different elements are holding US troops out of Ukraine? Here’s what it’s essential to know:

Why will not the US ship troops to Ukraine?

Although the US has condemned Russia’s actions every time, President Joe Biden has gone great heights To make clear, US forces is not going to enter Ukraine and won’t immediately interact Russia.
This is the explanation that? As informed by Biden NBC News Earlier this month, “it’s a world war when the Americans and Russia start firing at each other.” In different phrases, America’s entry into the battle has the potential to spark world warfare.
retired lieutenant normal Mark HartlingA CNN nationwide safety and navy analyst informed What Matters on Sunday, “The key to diplomacy is to limit the possibility of war. While the current war of Russian illegal aggression in Ukraine is tragic, chaotic and devastating, it is still a regional conflict.” “

“If NATO or the US sent troops to Ukraine to help fight the Russians, the dynamic would shift into a multinational conflict with potential global implications because of the nuclear power status of both the US and Russia. Because of that, the US And NATO – and other countries around the world – are trying to influence Ukraine’s success and Russia’s defeat by providing other types of support,” Hurtling said.

What about US troops in Europe?

America has deployed thousands of soldiers throughout Europe, both before and during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

CNN’s Barbara Starr reported Sunday that more than 4,000 US Army soldiers who were stationed in Europe on a temporary basis will now have their tour of duty extended – possibly by several weeks – in US efforts to reassure Eastern European allies. as part of. current crisis.

But those soldiers are not there to fight the Russians.

Biden told the White House on Thursday that the US military “is not and will not be involved in a conflict with Russia in Ukraine.”

Instead, US troops are tasked with “protecting our NATO allies and reassuring those allies in the east. As I have made clear, the United States is wielding every inch of NATO territory with the full force of American power.” Will protect,” Biden said.

Is there any scenario where the US would directly engage Russia?

Ukraine borders the NATO member states of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. If Russia threatens one of these countries, the US – along with France, Germany, the UK and the rest of the 30-member NATO alliance – will need to Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty to answer.

Article 5 guarantees that the resources of the entire Coalition may be used for the defense of any one member state. The first and only time it was used was after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States; As a result, NATO allies joined the invasion of Afghanistan.

How else is America helping Ukraine?

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Saturday that he had authorized $350 million In new US military aid to Ukraine.

“Today, as Ukraine fights with courage and pride against Russia’s brutal and unprovoked attack, I have authorized, according to a delegation by the President, an unprecedented amount of up to $350 million for immediate support for the defense of Ukraine. Third Presidential Drawdown,” Top U.S. The diplomat said in a statement.

According to an administration official, the last fall has been for $60 million and $250 million, bringing the total to more than a billion dollars over the previous year.

Additionally, Blinken announced on Sunday that the US was sending approximately $54 million humanitarian aid To aid those affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

How has America punished Russia?

America and Western countries have imposed several rounds Sanctions on Russia, targeting its banking, aerospace and technology sectors. These restrictions impose penalties across industries, including:
  • Property freeze of biggest banks
  • Debt and equity restrictions on important mining, transportation and logistics firms
  • Massive efforts to close off access to critical technology to key Russian military and industrial sectors
On Friday, the US – along with the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada – announced that it would Direct sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
And on Saturday, the US and European Commission announced along with France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada that they would SWIFT to some Russian banks. expel fromHigh-security network that connects thousands of financial institutions around the world.

“Sanctions, blockades, economic influence, building coalitions against Putin’s actions, as well as supplying Ukraine with weapons and other allies, will prevent worldwide escalation and unintended consequences,” Hartling said.

Where does public opinion sit?

like us Wrote about last week, According to surveys conducted before the Russian invasion, Americans are wary of US interference in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
  • In an AP-NORC poll, only 26% of Americans believed that the US should play a major role in the situation between Russia and Ukraine. About half, 52%, said she should play a minor role and another 20% said she should not play any role.
  • A third of Democrats (32%) and 22% of Republicans wanted the US to play a major role. Independents were most likely to say that the US should play no role; 32% felt the same way, compared to 22% among Republicans and 14% among Democrats.

What’s next?

Thomas-Greenfield said on Sunday that the US has “taken nothing off the table” when asked about targeting the Russian energy sector with sanctions, which has not happened so far.

“We are ramping up the Russians, so there is more to come,” she informed Bash.

US and European officers have mentioned concentrating on the Russian Central Bank with sanctions, a step without precedent For an economic system the dimensions of Russia. Thomas-Greenfield didn’t specify the precise timing however mentioned “it’s taking place in a short time.”
CNN’s Phil Mattingly mentioned the size of the central financial institution’s sanctions continues to be beneath dialogue and could possibly be minimize by officers much more than The Telegraph. Reported,


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