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A pal fled because the Taliban entered Kabul. The different was trapped. He shared his ache on WhatsApp


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His days, which as soon as consisted of making ready for exams, health courses on the fitness center, assembly buddies for espresso on the cafe, and looking for new garments, are actually painfully empty.

She was planning to start out an economics diploma at Kabul University this fall. Instead, she stays at residence, too afraid to enterprise additional than the neighborhood grocery retailer. She tries to maintain herself busy by being confined to the 4 partitions. She usually rearranges her furnishings, research English textbooks, posts poetry on Instagram and practices new make-up methods she finds on YouTube.

“We still try to stay alive and occupy ourselves so that we don’t feel pain and hurt,” Nilofer advised CNN in a latest telephone name. “We don’t even know what’s happening outside. We just watch the sun rise and set outside the window.”

Youth Afghan women Like Nilofar, who grew up within the shadow of the US invasion that toppled the Taliban in 2001, lives in an more and more open society – a cellphone, social media, actuality tv, pop music and expressing herself freely. outlined by the suitable to do. They have endured conflict, persistent poverty and the specter of suicide bombings. But they got here with a rising sense that they might break away from the patriarchal society of the previous and resolve their very own future.

Nilofar stated, “I had many desires, I needed to proceed my research, do massive issues, need to work with my buddies, however all my buddies left the nation. I don’t know if Afghanistan is in its earlier place. I could or might not return.” Stating that she has received a UN scholarship to attend university in Kazakhstan, but she is still waiting for her visa to be approved. She says she is determined to follow friends who fled in a frenzy of evacuation flights as US and NATO troops withdrew, and Taliban militants stormed the capital on August 15.

Among them was Nilofer’s best friend Florence. The 23-year-old Kabul University graduate is now living in temporary housing in a Paris suburb, where she is trying to learn French and plans to apply for a master’s degree in business. She says she was heartbroken to leave Afghanistan, but felt she had no future there.

“I left my homeland, my residence, my mom, my sister, my brothers, my expensive little nephews, my recollections, my buddies with tears,” she said. The last time she saw Nilofar was two weeks before the Taliban takeover, during an English language course they took together for four years with the hope of traveling abroad.

“We had been like sisters. We did every little thing collectively,” said Florence. “We had a variety of enjoyable, however now I miss all these issues.”

WhatsApp messages between Niloufer and Florence – who asked that their last names not be published for their safety – provide a scene to the agony of a generation of Afghan girls who have watched their freedoms disappear overnight. now facing deterioration Economic Crisis, many are desperate to go.


Hey, I’m sorry I couldn’t answer all your calls. I am at the airport and it is very busy, this time I entered through a different door from the Taliban post. I’m sitting here right now. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you; My family is with me. We are here, it is very busy. I don’t know if we will make it or not.


Alright, travel safe. did you make it?


Alright, thank God you all came. Are you living in a camp?


No, we are at the airport on the way to our hotel. We have to quarantine for 10 days then they will take us somewhere else.


I hope you like it❤️💋❤️❤


Everyone’s gone and now it’s only me. you are gone, shabo [another friend] left, i’m all alone


one day you will also come with me


Oh sure. i am glad you made it

About 124,000 folks fled Afghanistan Massive, Chaotic Airlift During the last days of the American occupation. But many more were left behind, and hundreds of thousands have since taken refuge in neighboring Iran and Pakistan.

For women living in Afghanistan, life hangs in the balance.

Despite promises from the Taliban that women and girls will continue to have access to education, many people across the country are not allowed to return to secondary schools. Those who have resumed university classes are separated from their male peers by a curtain. restrictive rules such as a stay at home order, which was said to be temporary, has been dragged on. Most women still cannot go back to work because they have been barred from a variety of jobs, including Government And entertainment television,
The young women interviewed by CNN described the feeling of being disoriented in a waking nightmare, colored by their mothers’ stories of the Taliban Brutalism in the 1990s – When the group enforced a harsh interpretation of Islamic law, locked up women and imposed public punishment for those who violated the group’s so-called code of ethics.

Niloufer said, “My mother and father used to inform us many tales concerning the Taliban… “I can’t believe we are living under their flag anymore. Life has become so difficult for us… Except sitting at home, we cannot do anything. Our stress levels are very high.”

Taliban leaders in Kabul and different cities are at pains to current more moderate The face of the group, suggesting that girls can take part absolutely in society “within the limits of Islamic law”. But it’s nonetheless not clear what precisely it means, or how not too long ago? decree could be utilized to girls’s rights – though the Taliban’s transfer to dismantle the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and substitute it with a physique geared toward selling advantage and stopping evil might present some clues.
Rights advocates say Taliban has performed little to point out their views have modified bodily; His return has more and more stifled girls’s lives and stirred up a deep sense of unhappiness. Heather Barr, affiliate director of ladies’s rights at Human Rights Watch, advised CNN: “For all the terrifying hardships of the past 20 years, it felt like this was the new space young women could create for themselves.” “This whole new world of opportunities was opening up for young women… What happened to them on August 15, just closed.”

The Taliban regime in 2021 is growing in another way in various nations, particularly in rural areas, the place a few of its strictest guidelines have by no means actually subsided and patriarchal traditions reign. But in Afghan cities, the place girls’s day by day lives have been radically modified lately, the Taliban’s withdrawal looks like a loss of life sentence.

Lima Ahmed, PhD candidate at Tufts University, who’s researching Afghan youth beneath the age of 25, stated: “For the past 20 years, life in Afghan cities was like all cities around the world, but now people feel like they are in jail. are in.” about two thirds of the overall inhabitants, advised CNN in a telephone name. “It’s foreign to Gen Z. They’ve heard from us about it [life under the Taliban] No TV, no music, no cafe, no school, no walking. How long can they accept this reality?”

“This generation, their eyes are wide open – they have seen the world, even if they haven’t traveled, they have seen it through social media,” Ahmed stated.

As their bodily world has narrowed, younger Afghan girls have more and more turned to social media as an outlet for sharing their considerations in non-public voice notes, Instagram DMs, and posts with buddies.

Florence stated, “Nowadays, we’re solely related by WhatsApp, and we speak about recollections, however principally we speak concerning the scenario in Afghanistan. My buddies who’re nonetheless in Afghanistan are literally are unhappy.” She tries to support Nilofar and other friends, who are looking for legal avenues out of the country, but are often unsure how to advise them.


Great when you are finished with the quarantine and enjoy the city. Go for a walk ️❤️❤️😪😪


Have you seen the Eiffel Tower?


how did you feel I


You saw it for the first time


You are so lucky that you are gone. I’m glad you did


one day you will also come


I have no hope. I have no hope for life. That’s another matter…


This will happen. I believe.

“It’s so arduous to ask, ‘How are they? What are they doing?’ Because I do know now they do not do something and so they do not feel properly, or they get melancholy or anxiousness and once I speak with most of them they get annoyed,” says Hosnia, 30. Mohsini said. Before fleeing to France, he worked as a youth consultant with an NGO in Afghanistan, promoting leadership and nonviolent communication skills.

in an essay for Rukhshana Media – An Afghan women’s news agency named after a girl who was stoned to death by the Taliban in 2015 – Mohsini wrote that some of the girls she worked with were so distressed that they committed suicide Started thinking about

She recently conducted a virtual sympathy circle on Zoom for some of the NGO’s former youth mentors, mostly in their 20s, and still living in Afghanistan. Mohsini said she began with an open question: “What’s alive in you proper now?” She said the reactions were heartbreaking, especially from young women, who said they were trying to continue with their studies, but were unable to concentrate on anything and felt trapped at home.

It’s the kind of frustration that plagues WhatsApp conversations between Niloufer and Florence, which have waned in recent weeks and months. Between the time gap and settling into your new routine, talking has become even more difficult. The two say that they hope to see each other soon, but are not sure when that will happen.

Niloufer said, “We’re not speaking as a lot as we used to. I do know she’s busy, she simply began taking French programs and must be impartial. So I attempt to not hassle her a lot.” ” “But we remain connected, and I want to continue our friendship.”


The different day I handed by your home


I advised myself, used to name Flo once I come right here, however now she’s not even right here


Then I’ll come again and exile myself


i see footage on a regular basis


till there’s some gentle within the scenario


Never thoughts, don’t fret about me. You might be unhappy haha….


every little thing is unsure for me


Still thank god you are gone

The WhatsApp conversations included on this story have been translated from voice notes and written messages. They had been evenly edited for readability and size.

Elijah Mackintosh wrote and reported from London. Nili Kohzad reported from Istanbul. Development by Marco Chacon.



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