2022 audi r8 v10 performance rwd

2022 Audi R8 V10 Performance RWD First Drive Review: Bark and Bite


There’s no want for a secret about it: we drove 2022 Audi R8 V10 Performance RWD Above, under, and throughout the volcanic rocks of Gran Canaria, and it’s glorious. Anyone acquainted with Audi’s side-bladed halo automobile ought to discover this 2021’s least shocking information. The alphanumeric “R8” has stood for one factor since 2006, and it nonetheless does: surprisingly accessible dealing with in a shocking bundle.

Reducing the workload on the entrance axle made the R8’s excellence playful. In Our review of the R8 RWS in 2018Of course, we wrote that the naturally-aspirated 5.2-liter V10 sending all its energy on to the rear axle is not an enormous departure in character from the usual R8 that you just would possibly count on. But it is also all-wheel-drive Better. R8, and that is actually saying one thing.” Sometimes a day, or even four years, at least doesn’t matter.

Still, for what the R8 is, it pretty much deserves it. US sales, in particular. As we drove hours into the R8 droptop, the question was why the R8 doesn’t have it. The answer is that much of what the R8 does to attract enthusiastic human nature is diluted by its rejection of other aspects of human nature. And those other aspects, in this section, may be equal to or more important than capacity.

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Quick stats:2022 Audi R8 V10 Performance RWD
Device:5.2-litre V10
Output:562 horsepower / 406 pound-feet
0-60 mph:3.6 seconds
Base Price:$148,700 + $1,495 Destination
As a test:$167,000 (est)

a big bark

First, the appeal. In the biggest perspective, this car exists because R8 RWD buyers are asking Audi for more features. Audi product planners were changed Limited-edition R8 Rear Wheel Drive (RWS) in the R8 Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) production car, citing the latter as the least expensive way to get into the Good Ship R8. In doing so, those planners narrowed down the list of options, preventing buyers from specifying the final moving goods. Buyers with thick purses bring a feline flair to their shopping spree—they don’t like to be confronted with closed doors.

2022 Audi R8 V10 Performance RWD Exterior
2022 Audi R8 V10 Performance RWD Exterior

They advised Audi they needed an R8 RWD that had entry to the remainder of the menu, and voila, R8 V10 Performance RWD, The upgrade in performance almost turns it into a slightly different, pushier version of the R8 V10 performance quattro. The change adds some horsepower, moving the 5.2-liter V10 from 532 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque to 562 hp and 406 lb-ft.

Buyers can now check a box next to the words “Dynamic Steering” and “$1,400,” the adaptive rack that expands the parking-friendly 10.5:1 steering ratio to the 204-mph-friendly 15.3:1. Another $1,100 bolt on the CFRP front roll bar that adds a hint of stiffness when removing the upwards of 12.1 pounds. Bar will not be offered on convertibles. Audi’s figures aren’t anyone trying to shave kosher frivolous sums with 120 extra pounds of droptop on the coupe.

, save greater than3,400 Average MSRP* to New Audi r8

Don’t be fooled by the fake-out name of the $3,600 sport exhaust package. No one buys this for black exhaust finishers. It is bought to unlock Performance Mode in Audi Drive Select and two additional buttons on the Sport steering wheel. One of the supplementary buttons activates said mode, the other turns up the volume on exit.

In some international markets, Audi sells this R8 with cast aluminum 19-inch wheels as standard, US spec cast aluminum 20-inchers. A $12,900 Dynamic Package includes carbon brake discs with yellow calipers behind milled aluminum wheels on the outside, and fixed-back Racing Shell seats on the inside.

The RWD can now be had in the Escari Blue as well, previously reserved for the Quattro sibling.

2022 Audi R8 V10 Performance RWD Exterior

tail wag

These options work collectively to create a greater, extra intimate, extra dazzling attraction. We marshalled forces at Gran Canaria’s Maspalomas circuit, a spot the place somebody dropped just a few strands of al dente angel hair pasta right into a shoebox stuffed with filth and advised the work crew, “That’s the observe. Build it.” About that size, too.”

Thankfully, it wanted only a few lumpy, paper-clip corners to be swept away by the goodness of the R8. Make it, move once more.

Hard braking with carbon stoppers, the sort that shed three figures of pace earlier than a hairpin, will get the Coupe slightly squishy. Nothing bothers, simply…vigorous. Every different side of onerous charging is prepared, regular, go.

One day, the Hi-Pow Naturally Aspirated Engine will take its final atmospheric breath, remaining solely within the books within the type of the dodo and apatosaur. This engine deserves its personal chapter. and a pilgrimage.

Acceleration comes like an arrow, like a bow – straight, true, piercing. The R8’s exhaust word was tracked with a tachometer, swinging from light to beastly, however a decade of turbocharged efficiency automobiles have reimagined our reflexes. In AudiWhen a candy, wild howl within the cabin satisfied us that we had been about to cross that skinny crimson line, we look on the revs and discover that we’ve two thousand extra reserves begging to be employed. Huh. Happiness.

One day, the Hi-Pow Naturally Aspirated Engine will take its final atmospheric breath, remaining solely within the books within the type of the dodo and apatosaur. This engine deserves its personal chapter. and a pilgrimage.

Steering really feel isn’t included, however is correct. At Audi, progress and drive is thru expertise, not emotion. It’s the throttle that delivers the feeling: massaging the accelerator to handle the position of the 305-section rear tires is the type of reward you’ll be able to take pleasure in at Maspalomas many times. The dictionary definition of every lap intestine was – complete, quick, pre-conscious, pre-verbal response. For an fanatic, it is an eternal, sacred connection to 1 phrase: sure.

2022 Audi R8 V10 Performance RWD Interior
2022 Audi R8 V10 Performance RWD Interior

The R8 feels prefer it pays off driving prowess on an exponential scale, not linear. Being slightly higher will get lots out of it. That is why, within the service of race groups world wide, R8 LMS Has gained 250 sequence titles in GT2, GT3 and GT4 since 2009. Audi says these figures beat the figures for every other automobile, together with Porsche 911,

With all that load within the center, although, when the R8 lets go, it lets go all the way in which. Something to do with physics, we expect. But until you make a mistake, or you do not wish to, you will not find yourself in gravel. Even near shore, it is subdued that method.

And there’s one phrase that will get us to the opposite facet of the R8, the one which makes lots of it shine: subdued. The R8, when not on the sting, is an excessive amount of.

The R8 feels prefer it pays off driving prowess on an exponential scale, not linear.

We entered a protracted afternoon behind the wheel on punch-drunk roads. To develop Gran Canaria’s transportation community, some civil engineer piled jagged basalt rocks into the island’s tough geography, went again to that legendary pot of al dente angel hair pasta, dropped handfuls on its lumpy diorama , then advised the duty power, “That’s the road system. Build it.”

The skinny strips of asphalt climbing the steep cliffs on the postcards are beautiful. They are nice for low pace, naturally aspirated V10 sound probes. But a closed highway or lack of reflexes to achieve entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the roads are horrible for thrill driving.

So we labored at a residential tempo, loved the Spanish day, appeared nice doing it… and felt like we had been driving one other Audi. Not that there is something flawed with that, until you simply spent six figures on a supercar.

2022 Audi R8 V10 Performance RWD Exterior
2022 Audi R8 V10 Performance RWD Exterior
2022 Audi R8 V10 Performance RWD Exterior

pavlovian efficiency

Halo Cars exists to shine a lightweight on an automaker’s whole vary. In an excellent world, sufficient of the halo properties could be included into different merchandise to make buyers go from small to giant to create convincing or explosive relationships. This does not all the time occur. Sometimes an automaker’s lineup is filled with geese, all in a row, and a wolverine.

And we all know, a part of the magical R8’s distinctive promoting proposition is that it is “The Everyday Supercar.” But when buyers within the U.S. go deep into six figures—this mannequin begins at $150,195 (together with the $1,495 vacation spot price)—the trunk dimension for a two-door, two-seat, thigh-high supercar with a bigger To match the pillow and some desires, they need beer and circus, in all places and in all places on the rave vary. And you’ll be able to seize beer.

Porsche is the one exception to this rule, with a sure subtlety that clients admire – in any other case they’d have purchased a pre-owned Exotic. Away from Stuttgart, a sure piece of proprietor needs a automobile that can all the time recommend inside earshot to everybody, “Look at me,” to everybody who can see it, “As soon as my owner isn’t looking, I’ll see you.” Will kill you,” and for everyone along for the ride, “I hope your want is so as.”

2022 Audi R8 V10 Performance RWD Exterior

The R8 does two out of three, and it hasn’t been appreciated due to that. We problem anybody to call one other automobile that has been so good and has remained unchanged for therefore lengthy. The lifetime of the Porsche 911 R8 has been by means of three generations. Ferrari’s V8 lineup has been by means of 4. Lamborghini Huracan Easy answer, but no one would confuse the Huracan for the Gallardo, either stylistically or dynamically.

R8 V10 Performance RWD, as many R8s before it, is supreme and brutal when forced. Fitting, then, that we were getting our first taste of it on Gran Canaria. According to the Roman historian Pliny, the Canary Islands were named because of the large size of the full dog, expressing the views of King Juba II. The R8 is one of the biggest dogs on the track. If only it were easy enough to bark at that thing.


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